Georgian pastor joins Belton Nazarene

by / 0 Comments / 190 View / November 12, 2015

By Caleb Mynatt, The Belton Journal

When it comes to church, sometimes change doesn’t come easily. Change, however, can be an exciting thing when it does happen. Change can usher in a new era, and be a breath of fresh air, especially in the case of a church. In a church, however, there is no change quite as big and drastic as the adoption of a new pastor. Belton Nazarene Church plans to be welcoming Pastor Mark Tipton to take over the head pastoral role in their congregation, and though that does mean change, the Belton Nazarene congregation is very happy to be welcoming their new pastor to the community.

“I heard about the opportunity from the District Superintendent of the South Texas District,” said Pastor Mark Tipton. “I did a lot of thinking with my wife, and we did a lot of praying, and we just feel that this will be a great move for us, and that this is what the Lord wants us to do.”

Mark Tipton, a pastor from Georgia, plans to join the church on November 8th. He has felt a call to ministry and has a lot of experience in the field, and is coming to pastor at Belton Nazarene Church as the next step in his path of ministry.

“I’ve known God my whole life. It was confirmed though when I was a sophomore in high school. That’s when I decided that ministry and missions is what I wanted to do with my life,” said Tipton. “The Lord confirms that every week of my life, too.”
As for Tipton’s experience and stories in ministry, he has plenty to share.

“I served in South Africa, in Swaziland. I was a missionary there for about three years,” said Tipton. “I served the Zulu people as well as some other tribes, and I just wanted to use that opportunity to show the love of God to all sorts of people.”
As for the reason for taking the job, Tipton assured that Belton Nazarene Church was a great fit for him.

“I felt called by the Lord to come here. I loved the fact that Belton Nazarene is involved with the Body of Christ Ministry and Helping Hands of Belton, and it just made the opportunity that much more attractive. I really love that, that we are involved in things to help our community,” said Tipton. “Not only that, but the church voted on having our family join them and having me come to preach, and it was a resounding yes. I felt the love of God, and I felt the love and want from the Belton Nazarene congregation. I felt as though they really wanted us.”

Tipton is excited about joining the Belton Nazarene family, as well as the community of Belton and Temple, Texas. The church and community receives him and his family with open arms, and hopes that he will continue to help the people of Belton and Temple grow spiritually for many years to come.