Getting healthy, helping kids

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Published May 29, 2014

By Devin Corbitt, News Editor

Local resident Jason Cabiad has begun a lifestyle that has changed his entire life, and he’s proclaiming it from the rooftops.
On Jan. 13, Cabiad began the Body by Vi Challenge, which has allowed him to lose 45 pounds healthily by supplying him with the nutrients his body needs throughout the day.
“How I lost my weight is I eat the cereal they offer in the morning and take a shake for lunch,” Cabiad said. “They just provide nutrition, and that’s all. No fat-blocking chemicals; they just give you an abundance of the nutrition you need.”
The program is sponsored by ViSalus, a company, “committed to taking the weight off the world one person at a time,” according to their website. They do this through the Body by Vi Challenge, which sets reasonable goals and encourages healthy eating habits.
“All you have to do is go to the website and pick out your challenge packet,” Cabiad said. “Once you pick out your challenge, you’ll get your own site to order your own products. They offer energy drinks that are safe and recommended for kids. This product (the shake mix), pregnant women can take it, you can give it to babies, it’s safe for everybody.”
In addition to providing a healthy weight loss program, ViSalus also donates 30 meals to the charity of the participant’s choice for every 10 pounds lost through PROJECT 10 Kids.
“The meals are the reward,” Cabiad said. “I’ve lost, to date, 45 pounds on it, so that’s 120 meals.”
Because there are currently no charities in Belton that accept the food donations, Cabiad has chosen a charity in Round Rock for each of the 10-pound goals he has reached, but he is working to bring this cause to Belton.
But the challenge isn’t over once participants reach their goal weight. The products offered by ViSalus also double as muscle builders.
“The other thing that got me is that it’s a dual program: I can use the same product to gain muscle, and for every 10 pounds I gain, they’ll donate another 30 meals,” Cabiad said. “I want to lose 30 more pounds before I go to the gym.”
Participating in this challenge has helped both Cabiad and his community. For him, it’s more than just getting a better looking body; it’s a blessing.
“It’s affected me because I save $200 a month on food,” he said. “My clothes don’t fit; I’ve been able to sleep better. After the second or third day you start waking up, not feeling full of energy, but in general better. It’s hard to explain.”
And all this would not have been possible without the encouragement of his father. When Cabiad was bedridden for three months, he gained a significant amount of weight. That’s when his father came to his rescue.
“My dad in Alaska found out about it and signed up,” Cabiad said. “He said, ‘If you lost weight, I bet you’d feel better,’ and he told me about it. Him giving me motivation that I can made me do it. Now we just go back and forth, who can lose more? I’m winning right now. When you start getting healthier, things start to change.”
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