Going green: Mother Earth News Fair returns to Belton

by / 0 Comments / 82 View / February 28, 2018

By Chanel Snapp, Correspondent


The Mother Earth News Fair is an educational and memorable event that blends lectures, workshops, and hands-on exhibits to promote independence and organic simple living practices. Mother Earth News originally began as a magazine in 1970. The magazine has a long successful history and is still published 48 years later. It highlights do-it-yourself and how-to articles and promotes positive lifestyle changes.


After many years of publication, the magazine decided to expand education and reach many citizens within the community by creating the Mother Earth News Fair, which was officially established in 2010.


Each fair is family-friendly and includes demonstrations, hands-on activities and guest speakers covering topics such as renewable energy, gardening, green building, and agriculture. It captures the attention of all ages, including young children by incorporating livestock demonstrations and a variety of animals for children to engage with.


There are many moving parts when creating a successful fair. It takes a lot of hard work to prepare each year and the vendors are a successful part of making it all come together.


Photo by Christopher Winston. Children got the chance to not only learn about different animals, but to interact with them as well.

“It’s our third year to be here. Our first year we built the booth, that was about a three-week process. This year, it took about a day to set up and a day to get the birds all ready. We are striving to bring back the American homestead,” Joe Claborn from Claborn Farms said.


Claborn Farms had live animals that attracted many visitors. They showcased small to large poultry which could be bought for a great price. Another vendor, The Urban Interface, also brought birds to showcase.
“It took us two months to prepare,” Lindsey Silva said.


Silva was accompanied by a hawk named Pandora and educated guests regarding their mission. “We are a non-profit organization and use rescued rehabilitation but non-releasable wildlife. It’s educational and our profit goes to our non-profit,” Silva said.


Photo by Christopher Winston. Attendees had the opportunity to make their own sculptures out of clay.

Another great vendor in attendance was Plant Based Services, LLC. Owner Little John Holywart has attended the fair for three years and sells handmade brooms, jams, oils and many other earth based products each year.


“The turnout this year is great,” Holywart said. The fair had over 150 workshops and the crowd was pleased with how many different items were available for learning and engaging throughout. Learning new things and having fun was definitely the theme of the fair. Citizens of Belton and surrounding areas were ecstatic to be able to participate in such a great event.