Gone, but not forgotten – Texans commemorated in Remembering Our Fallen memorial

by / 0 Comments / 104 View / November 29, 2017

By Heather Regula, Correspondent

Remembering Our Fallen, a mobile memorial honoring the memory of the over 600 Texans who have died in combat since September 11, 2001, was on display at the Harper-Talasek Funeral Home from November 9-12. Eighteen other states have a similar traveling Remembering Our Fallen memorial, and a national monument was unveiled for the first time in Washington D.C. in September. The first Remembering Our Fallen memorial was created in 2010 and memorialized soldiers from Nebraska, who have died in the War on Terror. That inaugural memorial has traveled throughout Nebraska weekly, since 2011.

“I spent 12 years in the Navy as a Chief Petty Officer. Taking care of this memorial is a great honor. I was going to do this as a one-year contract job, but I’ve spent three years with the exhibit because it means so much to me. I move the exhibit around the state, and it will be in Austin on December 1-2. The memorial will be on display in conjunction with the unveiling of the Price of Liberty monument,” explained Bobby Withrow, the caretaker of the Remembering Our Fallen memorial. The Price of Liberty monument will be on the Capitol grounds in honor of those who have fought in the Global War on Terror.”

Approximately 615 fallen Texans are honored on the Remembering Our Fallen memorial. Both military and personal photos of the deceased soldier are displayed, along with identifying information, and at times, handwritten notes left by visitors to the memorial. The letters are laminated and attached to a ring and hung from the memorial. Families of the deceased are considered Gold Star families. Remembering Our Fallen serves as tangible evidence of memories living on.

“I saw this exhibit last month at the State Fair in Fort Worth. I knew we were bringing it here, so I visited it while I was up there. It’s very moving and sad, but at the same time it’s nice to honor these men and women,” stated Cheri O’Braden, Harper-Talasek Funeral Director.


“We were very proud to give the opportunity to friends and family members of these fallen, along with our community, the chance to come see the memorial and to pay their respects.”

About 100 people viewed the Remembering Our Fallen memorial during its’ time at Harper-Talasek. For more information about the memorial, or the non-profit organization, visit https://www.rememberingourfallen.org/.


For more information on the Price of Liberty monument and the schedule of events for the unveiling of it, visit priceoflibertyevents.com.