Gun show is hit at Expo

by / 0 Comments / 133 View / November 7, 2016

Danielle Wellborn-Tyler

The Real Texas Gun Show visited the Bell County Expo Center Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 28 and 29. Gun and knife enthusiasts, craft makers, bakers and other Texas businesses filled the large dome selling and promoting all kinds of products, collectibles, and historical pieces.
The show is run by 8th generation Texan, Aubrey Sanders. ‘I’ve been doing it about three and a half years now, my father-in-law had been doing it about 8 years before that. He passed away in 2013, and I took it over since then. It’s been a good while in this location, and we have a very large variety of knifes and guns,” said Sanders.
This was the first time the show had expanded into the large dome of the Expo Center. “We have somewhere around 100 vendors, and close to 200 tables. We’ve expanded it to not only include the gun and knife show, but also outdoor activities, including motor vehicles for fishing and hunting. This is more than a gun show, we try to encompass a lot of different things. We have a little something for everybody here,” said Sanders.
Many sellers agreed that their most popular selling guns were easily concealable handguns. One of Belton’s own local gun shop owners had a large booth set up and was busy meeting with customers. “Glocks seem to be our biggest seller and ones that are easy to carry. That’s what most people are looking for these days, something that’s easy to conceal. But guns are such a personal choice it’s really hard to say because everyone has their own favorites. I sell a lot of the little Sig Sauer P238’s, but women really seem to like them. Mainly because it’s easy to slide and cock back, it’s a really great quality gun, it functions easily, and it’s easy to conceal,” said Rickey Shelton, owner of 1791 Weapons Depot in Belton.
The Real Texas Gun Show will be back at the Bell County Expo Center Dec. 16 and 17.