Gunter building to be open by March

by / 0 Comments / 492 View / December 31, 2018

By David Tuma, Publisher



Mike Gunter, Matt Gunter and Trevor Smith purchased the Peacock Archery building last year with the plans to remodel the building and move Gunter Financial Services onto the property. The property is located at 204 Penelope and owned by Gunter Real Estate Holdings, LLC. This plan is more than just a move of their office area. It is the revitalization of a building in bad need of repair.



Retail is the lifeblood of a community. It is commerce that pays a huge part of a community’s bills. It takes sales tax to play for asphalt, police protection and schools. It is a major part of the whole.



The plans have changed somewhat as the remodeling has been ongoing. There will be a small micro restaurant up front. This idea is more of a food truck type concept. In actuality it is food truck vendor that will provide the food in the 500 sq. ft. area.



“Basically it is a food truck concept in a physical location,” said Matt Gunter. “Our offices will be to the left once you enter the building.”



They found an 1940’s area door and window for the grand entrance. The walls leading to the various offices will be lined with art. Lighting will be industrial tract lighting. One of the new business moving to the location is a chiropractor.



The concept is more than just a financial business. After purchasing the old BJ”s Flowers building and renting it out to Bold Republic Brewing the Gunter’s have been instrumental in providing retail space for businesses. It is an investment in Belton.



It is going to be an open air concept. Gunter Financial will encompass 3,000 sq. ft. of the building with five offices and two conference rooms. The front doors of the building will be in the same location. The open forum will be 12-ft. wide running down the middle of the building. On the south side of the building there will be two separate exits added. The north side there will be double doors added to enter the commons area. This will give access to the building from the south, east and north.



Restrooms will be added to the building. In the back south west side of the building executive offices with a shared conference room will be added. This will take up around 2,000 sq. ft.



The sides of the building will be restored with windows added on the south side. There will be a 400 sq. ft. conference room that will be shared. It will also be available for rent.



Much of the building has been leased out. There are several 500-sq. ft. offices for rent. Construction is planned to be completed by March.  There will be wellness clinic, design company and church office in the building.



“This project fits in with all the other wonderful construction projects going on in the downtown area. I think this project will encourage more redevelopment of Belton,” said Matt.  “When my family moved here in the 1980’s, downtown was dead. Many people have put forth a huge effort over the years in the revitalization of Belton.”