Halloween must go on

by / 0 Comments / 96 View / November 6, 2017

By Carissa Flores, Correspondent


This past Tuesday on Halloween, Morgan’s Point Resort Police and Fire department officers hosted the community’s annual Halloween bash, held this year at the fire station.
“The facts that kids are safe and knowing kids are safe it gives us a way to prevent something from happening,” John Phillips said. “This also gives us another way to serve the community knowing the kids are safe here and not out, which is our core mission to keep people safe.”


The Darley Family decided to come down from Kansas and join the Halloween festivities in Texas


Phillips, who is fire chief for Morgan’s Point Resort, pointed out that if there is something they can do to have a preventative of someone getting hurt then they will happily serve. Due to the rain storms all day, the city event was moved to the fire station which happens to be the largest building in Morgan’s Point Resort. The event had both departments walking through making sure everyone was having fun and being safe giving an extra level of comfort. This event also gave parents an opportunity to attend something put on by the community and show the children that supporting the community is something fun.


The Hayek Family showed up as superheroes to attend this hero packed event.

“This is safer than walking out in the streets and it gives us time together,” Maegan Vance said. “The hot dogs, games, and candy are also a good incentive to get the kids to come.”

This event not only offered safety but also included free dinner, free candy, and games. The games that were set up where both adult and kid-friendly. At each game, win or lose after it was played people were offered their choice of candy. Inside the fire station were two inflatables that the kids were excitedly jumping into bouncing all around. A special mini event they held was a costume contest that allowed kids up to the age of 12 to compete alongside each other for best costume in their age division. This annual event has been going on for 40 plus years and does not look like it will end anytime soon. Keep your eyes open for next year’s Halloween bash.