Halloween story submissions: Gone

by / 0 Comments / 155 View / November 20, 2018

By Jayci Dawkins



‘Twas a cold night in Newport, Rhode Island. My husband, Brendon, unloads luggage from our cab. As I watch his dark brown hair blow in the wind, he suddenly sets down his suitcase, turns around, and gives me a hug. His hand runs through my strawberry blonde hair. He squeezes me tighter than ever before, and whispers in my ear, “I will love you forever, Hailey- I mean Amberlynn Rose Jones.”



He, then, pecks my head with a subtle kiss and returns to unloading the luggage. I don’t question it. I walk away, from the love of my life, to the lady at the front desk of our hotel. Her name tag reads ‘Julie’, she looks to be in her mid thirties, and as if her day could not get any worse. “How can I help you?”, she asks, as she rolls her eyes. “Honeymoon Suite for Amberlynn and Brendon Jones, please!” She raises her eyebrow in disgust and turns her chair towards the computer. After a few seconds of typing, she tells me my total of nine hundred and thirty seven dollars and seventy seven cents. I hand her my credit card as Brendon walks up behind me with our luggage rack. We look at each other and he smirks, making me laugh. Julie smiles the slightest bit as she hands me my card and the key to our room.



Brendon presses the number 9 inside of the elevator. Our luggage rack is in between us, but we still talk, even though we can’t see each other. “Are you excited for the next few weeks?”, he asks. “More than you can imagine!”, I reply. He smiles at me and we arrive at our floor. Our room number is 119. It is the third room on the right. We arrive the door and I unlock it with my key.



The first thing I see when we enter the room is the beautiful moonlit balcony. It is behind two sliding glass doors. The night sky is full of stars, it looks beautiful. Our bed is to the right of the balcony. The sheets are dark red and what looks to be quite fluffy. There is a small kitchenette to the right of the bed, but it is on the opposite side of the room. There is a not-so-small television straight across the room from the bed, and a bathroom on the left side of the balcony. Two dark oak dressers sit on the left side of the room next to the bathroom door. “Wow! This place is perfect!”, Brendon says. I agree, and he begins to haul in the luggage rack. We start taking the suitcases off of the rack and setting them on the floor. I grab the bag that has everything for the bathroom in it and walk towards the door. Something black and shiny catches my eye. It looks to be a gun. Brendon stops me and says that we should unpack our clothes and things before we start too many things at once. I sit down the bag by the bathroom, trying to ignore what I just saw, and walk back across the room. My large blue suitcase was already unzipped by Brendon. I begin to unload my clothes and move them into the larger of the two oak dressers.



Behind me, I hear a large thud. I turn around to see Brendon is gone, the door is wide open and the wall now has a large crack where the doorknob hit the wall. I walk into the hallway and Brendon is there yelling at a young woman who looks a lot like me. We both have short strawberry blonde hair with glasses. A long, skinny figure and even look close to the same age. She is wearing a light blue nightgown with black sandals. “What is going on here?”, I yell as I walk up behind Brendon. The girl tells me that she isn’t supposed to be here. “Why?” I ask. “I’m his ex-girlfriend!” she tells me as if I should have already known. I tell Brendon to calm down so he can explain, but he is livid. He turns around and hits me. I fall to the ground and everything goes black. I hear whispering, “…she didn’t know…and we will…she means nothing to me.” My head is pounding, “.. it will be done tomorrow.” I can’t hear anything anymore.



As I wake up, I notice it is completely dark. My head hurts so bad. My eyes are trying to adjust and suddenly I hear a loud squeaking noise and I jolt forward. I think I am in a car. The trunk of a car. All around me it feels like carpet, and I come to the realization that I am trapped in a car and there is nothing I can do! The vehicle suddenly comes to a stop. The car door opens and I hear it slam. There are footprints coming my way; I close my eyes and wait. The sound of a key jiggles behind my head and I feel the heat of the sun begin to burn behind me. I hear a woman’s voice saying “..she has to be…we don’t have a choice.”



Then I hear Brendon. He agrees, I am now sobbing. They’re going to kill me. Brendon picks me up and says we’re going to go on a walk. I sit down, refusing to go anywhere with him. He pulls out a gun, it must be the gun I saw in our bag, and insists that we’re going on a walk. He reaches his left arm down and I grab it to help me get up. I notice his wedding ring is gone and tears start to roll down my face, but I stay silent. I walk next to him, kicking my shoes in the dirt, I don’t recognize where we are. “What’s going on?”, I ask Brendon. He sounds frustrated “I’m not really sure. What do you know?”


“I know you called me Hailey and that a girl who looks a lot like me is your ex-wife. I’m guessing her name is Hailey.”


I see tears in his eyes. “I was going to tell you! I was, she wouldn’t let me!” His hand curls into a fist, he turns to look at me. He wraps his arms around me. I feel his tears running down his face and he whispers “I really do love you. I’m so sorry. I love you.”


I walk backwards. I begin to run. Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I run to an open field behind me. I keep running, his footsteps are catching up to me. I hear him load the gun. “Please stop! I don’t want to do this!” I continue running through the tall grass. Brendon pulls the trigger and I fall to the ground. I feel the blood gushing out of my chest. It begins to get cold. Everything goes dark. I’m gone.