Halloween story submissions: The killer clown

by / 0 Comments / 68 View / November 20, 2018

By Serenity Hernandez



Once upon a time, there was a girl named Olivia. She had everything she wanted from a paper clip to a sports car and a house. Her parents weren’t even rich and after about a month she would leave her stuff alone and forget about it. The thing is today while they were eating, her parents were talking about not giving her anything else. They would still let her do most of the things she wanted just not buy her anything else. So she started thinking about all of the things she had. Which was a lot!


Right now she is 15 years old and a snotty brat. So, Olivia started to think about all of the stuff she had. There was a bike, all the old phones, her mansion, ex best friends, antique cars, etc. Outside all the way from 1-4 miles away from her mansion was her belongings. Down she went to look at all of it. Once she got to the end of the trail she realized there was something rustling in the bushes. She got scared and jumped onto her pile and fell. It was just a bunny thank the lord. She found her bike and followed the bunny everywhere it went.


Once the bunny turned around she realized it was evil. With it’s one scratched blue eye, pointy ears half way cut off, long tail, and squeaky squealing. The bunny lead her to one of her old houses that she forgot all about. So Olivia decided to go inside. After she entered the door shut behind her, which is whatever, until she tried to open it. There was nothing else to do besides explore so that is what she did.


There was a noise coming from upstairs and her being a snotty brat decided to go and yell at whoever it was since they needed to get out of her house. The thing is that once she got up there all the sores closed, locked, and the roof started to collapse. The roof stopped its collapsing once she got to the main floor. Now half of her house was ruined! She was stuck in the house! There was another person in the house! And she didn’t have any ways to talk to anyone to have them come and help her!


At this point she was panicking. She had no clue what to do. Now, she has been in there for about 4 hours so at this point her parents started to panic. While she was worrying about everyone else worrying she went to throw a book at the wall but then she realized that it wouldn’t get off. So she went to the next book and that wouldn’t work either. From book to book to book tell there was no more left. She had no clue what was happening. Looking around the room while struggling she realized that there was blood on two of the walls. The other two walls had blood dripping from upstairs. Remembering that the roof fell she wondered if the walls had collapsed on the people that she heard wondering around before.


She about fainted and managed to have the book pulled out from the shelf at the same time. So, she grew the book on the floor in anger and kept going tell there were no more books. With all of the emotions inside her, she went into the corner to cry until there was a drop of blood on her long silky blonde hair. Now, there were ghosts, spirits, evil clowns, and half dead serial killers everywhere she went. They all starting going toward her, she was terrorized. It’s no clue what to do before she was killed with the bloody knives and sharp teeth coming toward her she backed up onto the wall. The wall moved and she went to the other side which was outside.


She sighed knowing that she was safe. Then she opened her eyes and realized she was in what seemed like a different world. The only difference was that it was fully of really scary monsters so to be called. And the walls and floor were full of blood. She was  so scared that she screamed until everything disappeared and was quiet. The hole thing was a dream…until she went into the living room and saw a killer clown.