Hard work, dedication pay off in BISD Magic Belles Winter Show

by / 0 Comments / 162 View / December 23, 2015

By Caleb Mynatt, The Belton Journal

Every year in December, school begins to dwindle down and students take their exams; football season is over, and basketball begins; and every year the Magic Belles continue the tradition of having their Winter Show, a free and open performance for all of the community to see.

On Sunday, the Magic Belles took the stage to dance, and for some, dance their final Winter Show. With impressive dance moves, good music, and so many costumes, the Magic Belles Winter Show went well, and was very heavily attended by the community, filling up the Performing Arts Center at Belton High School.

“After all the hard work, I am very pleased with how the Winter Show went,” said Elena Tanner, a Senior member of the Magic Belles. “We and Mrs. Hill and see every performance as a big deal that we are supposed to wow people with. I think we did great.”

Putting together dance after dance and set after set for this performance certainly isn’t easy and carefree, it takes lots of hard work and practice. Preparation is long and hard, but the Magic Belles are used to it. With a detailed practice schedule and regimen, the Magic Belles put forth a lot of work for a show at the magnitude of the Winter Show. They did not disappoint either.

“Our preparation for the Winter Show is repetition of our dances and constant constructive criticism from our director and our team, throwing out motivation to keep everyone positive and reaching for perfection,” said Tanner. “Mrs. Hill always holds us accountable too.”

“It was so impressive and so much fun to watch,” said Rachel Parker, a student at Belton High School. “I love the Magic Belles and love to see my friends perform and dance. It was a lot of fun.”

The Magi Belles, just like any football, basketball, or baseball team, need team chemistry to perform at their best. Working together is very important for the team to perform at the optimal point, and there is certainly a lot of trust, love, and friendship in the Magic Belles.

“My favorite part of preparing is getting everyone pumped during practice and saying things to bring laughter and joy to everyone. We also all worked toward the common goal of no Saturday rehearsals, so that helped,” said Tanner. “As for my favorite part of the show, it was performing with Hiphop Co with a dance me and my Co-leader Cayla Bostain choreographed.”

The Magic Belles concluded their Winter Show with a feeling of accomplishment. The team is more than just a dance team, however, it’s a family and a sisterhood. Lasting friendships are made and kept, and though this may be the last Winter Show for the seniors, there is plenty to remember and be happy about for the Magic Belles.

“I love Magic Belles, I’ve met some of my closest friends thanks to it, and I’ve found my place on this team. Not only that, but it has taught me hard work and discipline,” said Tanner with a smile. “It really has been amazing.”

Though this may be the last Winter Show for some of the Magic Belles, their career with the Belles certainly isn’t over, as there is another semester of school, and plenty of work to be done.

“Next semester, but really starting now, we are thrown into contest preparation. Practices will start to increase in length, and we will get down to business. We’ll be expected to learn three to six hours of dancing and perform it, and that will be around March,” said Tanner. “Once we’re done there, we’ll audition new Belles, and have out Spring Show. This was fun, but we still have a lot of work to do.”