Helping prevent family violence

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By Elizabeth Varville, Correspondent

AWARE is offering classes in Parenting, Anger Management (for both adults and high school age children), Mood and Stress Management, Adult Survivors of Child Abuse, Internet Safety, and Stranger Danger. Classes are $20 each. Mood and stress management classes are offered by a licensed counselor. Through these classes, individuals are provided tools and coping skills needed to understand the why and how to overcome current situations.

“Our main focus is prevention of child abuse, neglect, and family violence. For example, most people will brush their teeth to prevent from getting cavities or change their oil in their car to maintain the car. We’re prevention, opposed to intervention: which is what some of the other organizations in this area do. So how we do that is through parenting classes in the cities of Waco, Gatesville, Belton, Killeen, Temple, Copperas Cove, and Lampasas,” said AWARE director of Development Harriet Brodie.

According to, formerly known as Family Outreach of Bell County, the organization started in 1986 as the volunteer arm of Child Protective Services of Bell County.

The purpose of the agency was to assist in the prevention of child abuse and neglect in high-risk families. The agency became known as Aware Central Texas in the year 2006. Their philosophy consists of education is the key to prevention and prevention is the key to diminishing child abuse and domestic violence.

The organization focuses on three levels of prevention to include primary prevention, where abuse has not been identified, secondary prevention which focuses on underserved and at-risk families, and tertiary prevention where abused has been identified.

According to AWARE, child abuse costs America $4.5 billion per year and out of 254 counties in Texas, Bell county is ranked among the top in child abuse and neglect.

The AWARE family hopes to reduce child abuse and neglect in Bell county by creating awareness in the community and beyond, educate the community about child abuse and domestic violence through offered classes, and provide volunteer family coaches to at-risk families.

The organization has partnered with Child Protective Services, the local police departments, community lawyers, and the local court systems to assist the referred individuals by offering solutions to life’s challenges.

Referrals are not required for assistance.

The Aware family hopes you will join them in the fight to end the epidemic of child abuse and family violence.

For more information on classes please visit or call 254-939-7582. Donations are always welcomed at 903 N. Main St. in Belton.