HIS KIDS support group learn about community resources

by / 0 Comments / 122 View / February 9, 2016

By Annie Dockery, Managing Editor

HIS KIDS support group met on Saturday at Temple Bible Church to discuss community resources for special needs children, youth and adults in Central Texas.

This month’s regular meeting included speakers Megan Daniels, Program Coordinator for Children’s Special Needs Network, Peggy Cosner, Executive Director, Heart of Central Texas Independent Living (HOCTIL) and Ken Riffel, Rehab Specialist with Pam Shawstad, Medical Supply Coordinator for Allumed Medical Supply Co.

Parents were able to learn about resourses that are available to them in the local community.

Children’s Special Needs Network works with children until their birthday at 21 providing an array of services to the families.

Cosner said, “They provide respite in four different locations. Which is a wonderful service for parents because sometimes it is really hard to get a babysitter.”

Riffel informed the participants about the different medical equipment and supplies that Allumed available.

HOCTIL is a nonprofit that works with all ages, all disabilities and chronic illness to assist people to be more engaged in their life and help them to know what is available to help them.

“It could be getting a ramp to getting a job to knowing what kind of services are out there that might benefit them to realize that they are not alone and everything in between,” Cosner said. “We assist people in navigating complexities of systems that could be from school, it could be medical expenses, insurance, it could be a number of things. We don’t define what it is that they need. We assist in people in knowing that there are choices out there.”

HIS KIDS support group meets the third Saturday of every month.

Cosner said, “It is an opportunity for parents to come together and realize that they are no t the only ones with some of the challenges that can come with having a child with special needs. Having a child with special needs is a blessing but it can also be difficult.”

Child care and snacks were provided by Temple Bible Church.

“They have trained staff, it is all volunteer,” Cosner said. “So the parents have an opportunity to listen without having to worry about their child.”

The group is open to anyone involved in the lives of individuals with disabilities and chronic illness including parents, grandparents, educators, medical personnel, social workers, childcare providers, therapists and ministry leaders.
For more information about HIS KIDS support group cantact Susie Marek at 254-933-7487 or Susie.marek@hoctil.org.