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By Nikki Velarde, The Belton Journal

The City of Belton is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of HOME grant funds for the citizens of Belton. This program provides funds to assist low income homeowners to replace their current home with a new house that is built on the same lot or, in some case, to repair their existing home. This assistance is provided by the HOME Program Grant.

Over the past several years the city has seen a great deal of success with residents taking advantage of this program. “Typically, the homes that are selected are those that reach a level where they can be dangerous to live in,” said Paul Romer, Public Information Officer for the City of Belton. The program “helps to beautify neighborhoods and turn a dangerous structure into a new structure.”

This federal program administered by the state, with help from the City, allows applicants to get in tough with a contractor during the application process. The screening process begins July 17th at the Harris Community Center to see if applicants are qualified to receive assistance from this federal grant.

“Typically we see about 2-5 families per year that are helped by this program,” commented Romer. “Over the years, nearly 33 homes have been replaced in Belton.”
In order to qualify, the family must be in the low-income threshold. There are also several documents that must be provided at the screening in order to qualify for the HOME program. Additional documents may be required during the review process.

The following income documents as they apply must be provided: a letter from employer stating gross annual income and the last six months’ pay stubs. A copy of the letter from Social Security Administration stating 2015 SS and/or 2015 SSI benefits. A printout from the attorney general’s office showing child support payments, or court order stating the amount. Pensions, retirement, or other benefit letter with the gross monthly or gross annual amount. Public Assistance benefit letter with the gross monthly income. For all household members, if any have checking account(s), bring the most recent six months of bank statements showing an end and beginning balances, bank name, and account number. For all household members, if any have savings account(s), submit the most recent bank statement(s). CAD land appraisal on any other properties that you may own besides your residence and lease information if you rent or lease them out. Most recent payments for Pensions, Annuities, Interest/Dividends, Retirement Accounts, or 401(k)’s that you are not receiving payments from.

The following ownership information is needed as it applies: Bring a copy of the filed Warranty Deed to the property and the home. If you ever made payments for the house you will need to provide a filed copy of the Release of Lien. If you own a mobile home, you will need to provide a copy of the title, called a Statement of Location.
The following life event information is needed as it applies: Copies of Divorce Decrees for all dissolved marriages, for all household members, if applicable. Copies of Death Certificates for all deceased spouses, for all household members, if applicable. Copies of all available Last Will and Testaments that transfer ownership of the home or are for deceased spouses.

The following property tax information is needed as it applies: Copy of the tax receipt(s) showing property taxes are paid and up to date for all taxing entities (City, County, ISD, etc.). If taxes are not paid in full, you will need to provide tax receipt or statements and a signed tax agreement with each taxing entity with receipts for each payment proving they are being made on time (tax agreements must be paid on time and until the agreement is satisfied to receive assistance). Most recent county tax appraisal showing land and home’s value.

The following identification documents are needed: A valid driver’s license or photo ID with current physical address for all persons 18 years or older. One valid voter registration card or utility bill listing the physical address of the home and the applicant’s name. A copy of social security cards for all household members.
Applications will be taken on July 17, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. at the Harris Community Center located at 401 N. Alexander Street. The doors open at 8:30 a.m. Those who show up after 9:30 a.m. will be added to a waiting list. Plan on spending 6 to 8 hours to complete the application. If you are physically unable to attend, please contact Caley at (512) 420-0303 ext. 306 and arrangements will be made to meet with you at your home. These arrangements must be made by June 16. If you are planning on attending on the 17th of July, please contact (512) 420-0303 ext. 306 or email caley@grantworks.net.