Home permits up 223 percent in Belton

by / 0 Comments / 120 View / March 21, 2017

By David Tuma, Publisher

The City of Belton is slightly up in terms of sales tax receipts for the physical year in 2017 that began in October. In February, the City of Belton received $496,378, compared to $508,672 last year. Belton is slighly up for the year.

Morgan’s Point Resort and Temple both had down months in February off of retail sales in January. For the year, MPR is up over 5 percent and Temple slightly up.
Hotel-Motel tax receipts were up 5.4 percent in the fall. Housing permits are up 223 percent for the year in Belton. This is a 38 home increase over last year. After three months, this trend could be sustainable for the physical year. These figures are the best start of a year in Belton in long time. Killeen-Temple are down 10 percent over this same time period.

Median home prices are stable with a slight decrease in price. Since 2012 Belton’s median price range on homes has increased 21 percent. Homes priced over $250,000 make up 22 percent of the homes sold in Belton.

Commercial and residential water tab connections are up 283 percent in Belton in the first quarter. Fuel prices are up 8 percent in the first quarter.