Jeff and Melinda Tucker: Local producers bring their work home

by / 0 Comments / 349 View / November 29, 2018

By Heather Regula, Correspondent



The Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport in Temple saw a different kind of action on Thursday when the production crew of Flying T Entertainment took over! Producers Jeff and Melinda Tucker were in town to film scenes for their independent feature film “Sub Rosa.”



“With principal photography 90 percent complete on the film, we had some action scenes that logistically worked better to be shot in Bell County due to the availability of resources at the Temple airport and the generous contribution by the Temple Museum of Modern Warfare,” explained Jeff Tucker. “Action scenes were filmed at the Draughon-Miller Central Texas Regional Airport, with Richard Potts of Last Shadow Aerial Hog Hunting and extras.”



Filming and editing for “Sub Rosa,” a family-friendly action film about a group of American medical missionaries that get caught up in a narco-terrorism attack while returning home from Mexico, should be completed in early 2019, with the film to be released later in the year.



“This film, written and directed by Charles Landers, was filmed primarily in the San Angelo area, rural Bell County, the Temple airport and the Temple Museum of Modern Warfare,” stated Tucker. “As long-time Bell County residents, we are grateful for the opportunity to bring the work home to this area. The airport was easy to work with considering we brought in lots of props and such. It’s important to us that we were able to let this film be a community-based deal.”



Audiences will be delighted with “Sub Rosa,” the fourth collaboration of feature films between Charlie Landers and the Tuckers.



“When we review a script we are looking for something that is family friendly and something that when we produce it visually, it doesn’t compromise our values as people and filmmakers. How we make the film is significant to us,” remarked Tucker. “We believe in taking outstanding care of our crew – the product will be better when everyone is well taken care of!”