Jehovah Witness Convention fills Expo Center

by / 0 Comments / 534 View / September 5, 2013

By Christine Foster
Journal Reporter

At the district convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses held at the Bell County Expo Center, “God’s Word is Truth” resonated through the center.  “God’s Word is Truth” was the theme of this event which has been held in 3 day increments over the past  6 weeks.  The convention is scheduled to conclude its celebrations over the upcoming weekend of August 16-18.

Gregory Nugent, a traveling minister, is the event chairman and coordinator of the entire convention.  This is a monumental task as approximately 35,000 delegates will visit the convention over the seven weeks it is here in Belton; 19 million delegates will attend these conventions world wide.
Included on the program are baptism services, Bethel services and Bible school for Christian couples.  The theme for the Friday worship program is, “The truth will set you free” (John 8:32).  Saturday’s worship will be centered on, “I shall walk in your truth,” (Psalm 86:11).
Sunday’s program will focus on, “Firmly set in the truth” (2 Peter 1:12).
This district convention is comprised of 10 circuits of approximately 200 congregations.
The church seeks to relate their beliefs in Jehovah to the challenges of every day life.
“The purpose of the convention is to bring us all together for spiritual renewal,” said Jim Foxx, a delegate who has been with the church for more than 50 years. “Because day-to-day living puts such stress on us as individuals and families, we recognize the need to look to God’s word for guidance and direction.”
Foxx continued on to say that the Bible has never been rendered irrelevant and that 20 billion pieces of Bible based literature have been published by the Jehovah’s Witness Church in the past decade.
The religion is currently practiced in 239 countries in 595 languages.  It transcends all borders and socio-economic groups and with over 110,000 congregations throughout the world, it is a vital and growing church.
If you plan to attend this weekend’s services at the Expo Center, the opening music and prayer is scheduled to commence at 9:20 a.m. on Friday.  It is possible to attend any and all the scheduled events at no cost, with the closing music and prayer scheduled for 3:35 p.m. on Sunday.