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Kachina begins future high adventure camp with new pool

by / 0 Comments / 578 View / June 30, 2015

By Devin Corbitt, The Belton Journal

Camp Kachina made history on Monday with the reopening of its pool.

Kachina, a Girl Scout camp located on the north edge of Morgan’s Point Resort, hosts Girl Scout troops and campers year round with a summer resident program during the summer.

Thanks to a huge push from local Girl Scouts, thousands of dollars were raised to renovate and rebuilt the pool, which serves as a major draw for campers during the summer months.

“This pool was created in 1971, and it’s been shut down for over a decade,” Lynelle McKay, CEO of Girl Scouts of Central Texas, said. “This (pool renovation) has been on our list of things to do for many years, and we’re really proud to make it happen in time for our 2015 resident camp season.”

Girl Scouts of Central Texas (GSCTX) began construction on the pool after summer camps ended last year with the goal of opening the pool before this year’s summer sessions. Due to a few weather delays, the pool opened just in time for the first week of summer camp.

“The best way to break the drought in Texas is publicly commit to build a pool,” McKay said with a laugh. “We had to pull some miracles to get this pool done and filled by today. Thank you to the staff who made that happen.”

But the pool isn’t the only exciting project at Camp Kachina.

“Kachina is going to be a high-adventure camp for us, so at the deep end (of the pool), instead of a diving board, they’re going to have a rock climbing wall where the girls can climb up and fall backward into the pool,” McKay said. “We’re going to redo this whole area and put a nice lawn between the sport court and the pool. There’s going to be a sustainable garden and compost center. We’re going to have the sport court completely redone with a metal roof so it’s covered in the hot summer days. We’ll have a pull-down screen so they can lie on the grass and watch movies. We’re very excited.”

Of course, the girls couldn’t wait to get their feet wet with the first installation of Kachina’s projects.

Not only will the renovations be good for campers, but the City of Morgan’s Point Resort has also taken a shine to the goings on of their neighbor.

“I can’t tell you how tickled we are with what’s going on out here,” David Huseman, MPR City Manager, said. “It’s exciting for me, personally. It feels like a homecoming where we get to now reconnect with Camp Kachina. I am so excited, along with city council and staff, to do things with you. We’re here to help you in any way possible. Thank you for recommitting to Morgan’s Point Resort, your camp and the girls.”

None of this could have happened without the Kachina Girls, a group of stellar ladies who have ties to Camp Kachina from their younger days.

“Special thanks to the Kachina Girls,” Beth Thorson, GSCTX Board Chair, said. “They have certainly led the movement here to make sure that we not only have this pool but the plan in place to move the camp forward.”

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