Last pharmacy in Belton sells to corporation

by / 0 Comments / 880 View / August 3, 2016

By David Tuma

The Medicine Shoppe is no more in Belton. Harriet and Toby Young sold the business to CVS Pharmacy. In today’s world small business are not as easy to run.
Toby will begin working for CVS Pharmacy as a full-time manager. Harriet will continue to work on custom pharmaceutical orders and helping people live a healthy lifestyle. For years Harriet has run the Wellness Center along with working as a pharmacist.
“We have wanted to concentrate on specialty compounds and the Wellness Center,” said Toby. Specialty compounds are made of products not commercially available. Some of these compounds deal with customers with special needs. Say a pill that is glutton free.
Harriet works with customers on what vitamins to take, exercise, stress and food to eat. She works with people by appointment and tries to help them live a longer healthy life. Their location on Central Avenue will still be open. They have an excellent line of products from poison ivy care to deodorant crystal. Don’t know what deodorant crystal is? If you can’t use normal deodorant because of the aluminum it there is an alternative. They answer questions that is what Toby and Harriet do for a living.
The biggest issue facing all pharmacies and the general public as a whole is that American’s pay the highest price in the world for drug products. “It is difficult for any pharmacy to stay in business corporate or otherwise. There aren’t going to be any new pharmacies,” said Harriet.
Toby mentioned that tetracycline cost $12 and was taken off the market. Now the drug sells for $800 under Obamacare.
“It (drug companies) is simply pillaging plain and simple. Drug manufactures think they are kings of the world. They just jack the price up to match what they want to make as a profit that year. All governments except the United States monitor the price of drugs,” said Harriet. As crazy as this sounds some of what Toby and Harriet sold was well below their cost and there was nothing they could do about.
“Insurance companies try to keep it under control. They offer you contract rates at a take it or leave it rate. There is no drug control pricing what so ever. That is why people go to Canada. Basically what is happening is the country’s wealth is being taken away through health care,” said Toby.
Over the year’s Toby and Harriet have become a favorite amongst a lot of residents. The fact they lasted this long is a testament to customer loyalty. “We are going to miss our customers. The personal interaction with customers is important to any business. We had ten people rush to the store after CVS sent out the notice. We are still going to be here,” said Harriet.
“Belton is my home. This community has been good to me. Stop by and see me at CVS that is why I am here. I plan on being a mentor to young pharmacist. Answering questions is what I do,” said Toby.
Toby and Harriet Young sold the assets of their pharmacy to the CVS Pharmacy. Toby will work for CVS and Harriet will do custom orders.