Leadership Belton, city to construct community garden

by / 0 Comments / 136 View / May 6, 2015

By Devin Corbitt, The Belton Journal

The city of Belton will have a brand new amenity by the end of May: a community garden.

The 2015 Leadership Belton group adopted the idea for the project earlier this year and presented it before the Belton City Council last week. The council unanimously approved the venture.

The garden will occupy an 85-foot by 65-foot space within Heritage Park, just behind Summer Fun Water Park. It will include 20 garden beds, and each bed will be split between two gardeners. The city also plans to retain amenities that are already in the area, such as picnic benches.

The project will cost an estimated $13,125. The city has already committed $10,000 toward the project in the 2015 budget, thanks to the efforts of former Mayor Bill Holmes. Leadership Belton is currently raising funds for the remainder of the costs.

“They (Leadership Belton) won’t start work until they raise the funds for it,” Matt Bates, Recreation and Events Coordinator for the City of Belton, said. “They need (at least) $3,125 to put toward it. They’ve got several donations right now, but they still need more.”

The group plans to post a plaque at the entrance to the garden honoring donators who give more than $250 toward the project.

While initial plans for the garden have been approved, Leadership Belton still has much work to do.

“How we go about getting those beds (assigned) to people in the community is the next step in that,” Bates said. “There are obviously talks whether you charge people or you don’t; we haven’t quite got there yet. If there was a charge, I think it would be an absolute minimal charge, just to factor in maintenance.”

To organize all these details, Leadership Belton and the City hope to set up a committee to oversee the garden once construction is completed.

“We’re going to rely on a three-person committee, so we’ll have three members of the community that want to volunteer,” Bates said. “Basically, they’ll oversee the operations of the garden: who’s signing up, where your bed will be located, handling any disputes, some minor maintenance. Once we get that three-person committee assembled, they will be the go-to people.”

To donate to the community garden project, contact Brandon Bozon at (254) 933-5800. To find out more about participating in the committee, contact Matt Bates at (254) 933-5860.