Leading by Serving: Leadership Belton provides community with shade, protection through project

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Published June 19, 2014
By Devin Corbitt, News Editor

Thanks to the efforts of Leadership Belton, residents in Belton will be able to enjoy the great outdoors within the shade of a brand new pavilion.
Team members began working on the project last November, when they decided to build a place where community members could gather together without overheating or getting drenched.
“We’re very pleased to do (this),” Joshua Thomas, Project Manager, said. “It gives the people a place to congregate. We’re not far from the senior center; this is a great opportunity to come over here and enjoy the great outdoors and get out of the sun as well.
The pavilion is located in a small community park within Mitchell Circle in Belton.
The pavilion was dedicated to the Central Texas Housing Consortium last Thursday amidst representatives from companies who made donations to the project, Leadership Belton team members and the Housing Consortium.
“A lot of these apartments around here are ours, but this truly serves a community, as well,” Barbara Bozon, Executive Director of the Central Texas Housing Consortium, said. “There are a lot of neighbors that will enjoy this, especially the shade once it gets to be 100 plus. We’re really grateful for it. It’s a great place to have activities.”
Sponsors included American Legion Post No. 55, Lengefeld Lumber Company, JP Allan Company, EBCO General Contractor, Kiwanis Club of Belton, Extraco Bank and McCoy’s Building Supply, who each donated time, money and materials to help make this project a reality.
“The rest of the team did a great job supporting me,” Thomas said. “Every one of them did a great job coming together and making it happen.”
Because of the generosity of their sponsors, Leadership Belton was also able to donate about $1,500 to the Housing Consortium. The money will be used to purchase tables, a bench and a trash can for the pavilion.
“It feels good,” Thomas said. “I’m a general contractor by trade, so it’s always satisfying to see something come from an idea to paper, and then from paper to actually here. What was neat is I got to see it go from an idea to what it is today and actually get to touch it and look at it.”
For more information on Leadership Belton, please visit http://www.beltonchamber.com/leadership-belton.