Lena Armstrong Public Library hosts Ornament Extravaganza

by / 0 Comments / 117 View / December 20, 2019

By Cassidy Pate, News Editor


Belton’s Lena Armstrong Public Library hosted its inaugural Ornament Extravaganza at the Harris Community Center on Monday. Parents and children gathered to decorate ornaments, participate in a book walk and kick off the Christmas season in this new and jolly-filled way.

Director of Library Services Kim Kroll has been with Lena Armstrong Public Library for 19 years and was excited about changing the annual Christmas celebration from a Polar Express party to an ornament decorating experience.

“We’ve been doing it at least ten years, so we’ve been doing it for a long time,” Kroll said.

With different stations set up throughout the room with different levels of difficulty, the children were able to choose their ornament and how they wished to decorate it. From cookie cutters to glass ornaments with a variety of fillers to stuff inside, it was an evening of cheerfulness and crafting.

In addition to the decorating aspect, there was also a book walk, which was designed to give away books sponsored by friends of the library. This allowed the event to bear a double meaning, Kroll said, as it 1) served to advertise the library and allow the community to get to know its staff, and 2) created a way for children and their parents to participate in an activity together and create memories along the way.

Because decorating ornaments might be advanced for younger children, Lena Armstrong Public Library also hosted Storytime Christmas at the library on Tuesday. In doing so, children of all ages were able to experience the magic of Christmas through the gift of reading.

Niki Hutson brought her daughter Miranda to the Ornament Extravaganza and was enthusiastic about the time they were sharing together.

“She [Miranda] enjoys not having to sit at home, and she’s getting old enough now where she enjoys crafts and Christmas decorating and all that,” Hutson said.

The Lena Armstrong Public Library is open every day except Sunday. For more information on specific hours and upcoming events, visit https://www.beltontexas.gov/departments/library/index.php online, via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Government-Organization/Lena-Armstrong-Public-Library-112676242152499/ or call (254) 933-5830.