Lena Armstrong Public Library provides for senior citizens

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By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

The Lena Armstong Public Library is an establishment that cares for their local community. The Public Library has always does much for their surrounding community and their history proves as such. The library started from humble beginnings by starting as the first women’s movement in central Texas. In the beginning, the library mainly consisted of women and their children meeting on Wednesdays. They were called the Woman’s Wednesday Club and they would meet in the Central Texas Hotel. The Woman’s Wednesday Club would house women and children that were escaping abusive situations. The library eventually expanded due to the over compensation of books located in the Central Texas hotel room. The library moved from the hotel room to 201 North Main Street. The library was called the Carnegie Library and this move was due to much persistence by the Women’s Wednesday club. The library remained in the location for 75 years. The Belton Public Library has remained in its current location since 1975.
The Belton Public library cares for the surrounding community especially the senior citizens of the area. Kim Kroll, the director of the Belton Public Library, is happy to give to the senior citizens of the Belton community.
“We have taken about 50 to 60 large print books and rotate them out to multiple homes. We also can help someone who can not get to the library obtain books. They can have a caring member come thru here and get their books for them. We have applications for a talking book program, which is a free program sponsored by the Texas State Library. This is a way for senior citizens to get books and magazines on tape for them. We also give out books to different books to different nursing homes,” said Kroll.
Kroll has been with the Lena Armstrong Public Library since 200 and she loves the work she has put in for the library. The public library has a history of giving to the back to the Belton community since its beginnings. The library is a great way to give back to the community and a way to give back to the senior citizens of the community. For more information about how to participate with the Belton Public Library please contact (254) 933-5831.