Leon Heights Elementary hosts third annual Science Fair

by / 0 Comments / 61 View / June 8, 2018

By Cassidy Pate, Correspondent



Excited students and their proud teachers filled the hallways Tuesday at Leon Heights Elementary for their third annual Science Fair. It was an afternoon of science experiments, boastful grins and fun as the first through fifth graders showcased their hard work and experimental results.



Students took turns walking through the hallway to view their own groups and their peers’ group’s final products and results. No matter the result, however, each student beamed with pride, as they seemed to be satisfied with their final presentations.



Nonetheless, the Science Fair was a competition and three medalist were chosen from the third, fourth and fifth grades. For fifth grade, “Super Suds” gained first place in the group’s division with 84 points out of the possible 100 with its result that Ultra AJAX dishwasher soap creating longer lasting suds than Dawn Ultra and Ultra Gain. “The Tasting Tongue” followed with 81 points and “Race Up The Ramp” trailed close behind with 80 points.



In the fourth grade competition, “The Rainbow Walk,” which found that when water is placed in cups of different colors and paper towels are connected between each, then the towels will absorb the colors and blend into each other, whereas in vinegar they will not, wore the first place medal in their division with 85 points. “Balloon Blow Up” came in second with 82 points and “Time To Do The Laundry” followed with 80 points.



For third grade, “Stretch-tastic!” won with the highest overall total of 92 points because of the group’s conclusion that Unicorn Slime is the strongest slime compared to Cloud Slime, Fluffy Slime and Water Slime in a creative and colorful presentation. “Building Catapults” just missed them with 91 points and “Indestructible Eggs” got 86 points, putting them in third place.



The Science Fair assignment was given on May 16, so students had about three weeks to think of ideas for their experiments, conduct said experiments, analyze their data and prepare their tri-folds  for the Science Fair. Every presentation demonstrated the scientific method, so the question, problem or purpose, hypothesis, materials, procedure, results or data and conclusion were displayed.



Fourth grade teacher Dana Jackson said the most exciting part about the Science Fair is to witness the improvements students make from their previous years of experience with this project. And because this was the third year for some of them, she has seen those students learn and flourish from their beginning experiments.