Leon Heights Elementary students prove their hypotheses

by / 0 Comments / 199 View / February 6, 2016

By Elizabeth Varville, Correspondent

Leon Heights Elementary School’s Science Fair held Thursday, Jan. 14, showcased science projects by students in grade levels Kindergarten through fifth grade. This is the first year the school decided to incorporate the subject of science with a fair.

“The state has asked us to bring in more science activities so we felt like the science fair would be a good way to adhere to their request,” said Leon Heights Principal Tiffany Weiss. The school’s cafeteria was filled with tables displaying all the projects as family and friends were able to talk with all the proud students and view each project while enjoying refreshments.

Belton High School teachers and students from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor judged the projects by a rubric provided by the school. The criteria the students were judged by included presentation clearly represents the topic and is accurate, data is clearly and neatly displayed in the form of a table, graph, journal sheet, or pictures, is neatly done and organized.

Organization was based on the project being focused and on-topic, good grammar, spelling and punctuation, good sentence structure, evidence of proofreading and editing and the presenter’s knowledge about the topic.

First, second and third place ribbons were awarded to students in grades third, fourth and fifth grades. Kindergarten through second grade did class projects and third through fifth grade did group projects. The groups were chosen by the class teacher.

“The kids were so excited, they have been coming in everyday ready to work on their projects. They even involved their parents. The project had to follow the scientific method. They could pick from a list of suggested projects or they could come up with their own. They like the fact they had some control and input into their projects. They made their own decisions so the kids have more interest in those types of projects. Knowing there will be judging and ribbons always adds a little bit of competition,” said Weiss.

Some of the topics the projects covered were detergents that best removed heat stains to the distance a ball travels when using a metal bat or a wood bat.

“We had to first ask a question and then come up with a hypothesis and then do some background research and we found a good experiment for it,” said fourth grade, second place winner, Reagan Bridges.

The fair was such an educational learning experience, the students and staff are already looking forward to next year.