Leon Heights holds Not-Quite-Nightmare before Christmas Festival

by / 0 Comments / 43 View / December 22, 2017

By Madison Ureste, Correspondent

Leon Heights Elementary School celebrated Christmas with the community by sponsoring a Not-Quite-Nightmare before Christmas Festival on Dec. 9, from 1-4 p.m. The date of the festival was due to a fire at the school that occurred on Oct. 26, therefore the school rescheduled the carnival to December.
“It worked out great because it is a beautiful weekend and the kids are having a great time,” Leon Heights Elementary School Principal, Tiffany Weiss said. Weiss further explained the support the school received from the community.

“We have people from all over supporting as vendors or volunteers and we have representatives here form the Belton police department, from the smile doctors and several other places to help bring the community together,” said Weiss.
The day was filled with friendly faces, fun games, tasty food, and shopping. Melanie Goodart, a math and science teacher explained that involving the community and supporting local vendors was great to see at the event. There were bouncy houses, face painting and other fun outdoor activities that proved to be a success for all the families that attended. Hope Brown a parent volunteer at the event helped with the dress up station and took pictures of the children while they struck a pose.
Brown explained what brought her out to volunteer by saying, “For my kids and the community it’s a close group,” thus explaining that the community was out to support the school and ensure the fest was a success. Brenda Potts, the physical education teacher at the school said, “It’s a good chance to be with the students and their families and we got exciting activities going on,” when asked what the takeaway would be of this carnival.
The event was a great day for parents and children to support their school and have fun in the process. The festival featured 17 booths and several activities, games, and vendors for the attendees. Several hours of planning was done to make sure everyone had a great time and due to the date change, several initial volunteers needed to be replaced due to conflicting schedules. This was not the first year for this festival to take place, but it was definitely the first year it took place in December.
Thanks to the school staff, volunteers, and community, this fest was able to be conducted and the attendees had a remarkable time with their family and friends.