Let the Highland games begin

by / 0 Comments / 156 View / December 2, 2017

By Carissa Flores, Correspondent

This past Veteran’s Day at Camp Tuhuaya, the Boy Scouts of America, along with Venturing Scouts, came together to host their annual Highland Games.
“We were looking for something really cool for the scouts to do to give them exercise and give them a fun weekend,” Jeff Peters said. “This event has taken 17 years to get to this point of how big it has gotten.”
Since 2001, the event has been held annually bringing together both adults and kids. The Boy Scouts brought in the age group of 11-18, and Venturing bringing both boys and girls ages 14-21. The Highland Games, having over 600 hundred attendees, is the second largest held event for both organizations. The first being an orienteering competition which was just under 1,300 attendees. At both events, there was a level of competition the Highland competition is inspired by the original Highland Games played by the Scottish. Specifically, at the Highland Games, people compete against each other in certain age categories with supplies that are specific for their age group. All of the supplies that are used is professional Scottish Highland Games equipment to ensure that the event is as authentic as possible.


“Meeting new people, having fun, and the height of the adventure is my favorite and best part of Venture Scouts.” Kynzee Ganz said. At the Highland Games, it not only offered games, but it an opportunity to meet new people and to expand their horizons a little bit on what each group does. An example of this is while other clubs and organizations may be parent-run the Venture Scouts is a child or member-led organization with parental supervision to make sure no one gets into a serious accident or anything of that nature. There are other notable differences regarding BSA and VS two main differences is boy scouts can earn badges and medals whereas venture scouts cannot. Boy Scouts also only go up until the age of 18, but Venture Scouts go up until the age of 21. These differences do not hold each group back from competing, meeting, and enjoying one another’s company. For more information on the Boy Scouts of America and Venture Scouts simply search BSA and venture scouts online and up will pop their website.