Local animal shelters full

by / 0 Comments / 384 View / June 19, 2015

By Lindsay Starr Platt, The Belton Journal

“We are full.”

“Full to capacity.”

Those words are a recurring theme at animal shelters across Central Texas and the United States. Summertime is here and the local animal shelters are at full capacity. Besides the Christmas holiday season, summer is another time of the year animals get placed in shelter or found abandoned.

Spring is breeding season, making this time of the year when baby animals are brought in by the litter. Pet owners can spay and/or neuter their pets to help lower the number of unwanted animals. Summer is known as “kitten season” when the peak of animals born during the late spring to summer months up until fall. A cat is able to become pregnant at five months of age, making it easy to forget to get her spayed before it is too late.

Shelters have a higher number of owner surrenders due to moving and vacationing during the summer months. Planning vacations in advance and budgeting to afford a pet sitter or boarding facility will also help lower the number of owner surrenders. Many pets get left behind when the family goes on vacation, after learning of the additional cost to board or travel with a pet.

The Bell County Animal Shelter is a limited kill facility. Their first goal is to remove problematic or sick animals and then to find suitable homes for as many animals as possible. Animals which are unable to be adopted will be euthanized in a respectful and humane manner. The Bell County Animal Shelter is a joint effort between the City of Belton and the County of Bell.

“It still seems people are just finding out about us, even though we have been open about three and a half years. Since we are currently so full, we are waiving adoption fees until the end of the month!” said Amanda Hollek, Bell County Animal Shelter. “There are also many area rescue organizations that need foster homes in order to continue saving animals in need.”

For information on domesticated animals that may be available for adoption please call (254) 933-6780.

The Bell County Animal Shelter is located at 2509 S. Loop 121, Belton, TX.