Local artist paints the quiet places

by / 0 Comments / 426 View / March 9, 2016

By Annie Dockery, Editor

A highly collected artist throughout his career, Al Moore, a painter of quiet places, is well known for his bluebonnet and Texas landscapes.
“I am very honored to know him, to carry his work and he has become very dear to me,” said Leila Valchar, gallery owner of My Giving Tree.
Self described as an old country boy, Moore, a native of the Belton/Temple area grew up during the depression. He entered the Air Force during World War II and after serving; Moore attended Texas Tech to earn his degree in commercial art.
Moore had a full career as a staff artist, owned his own advertising agency and then was employed by the Army as a supervisor-illustrator for 24 years.
After leaving Fort Hood, Moore has spent most of his time painting.
Moore considers himself be a “realist” painter.
“I like to say that I paint what I see and not what I think I see,” said Moore.
Moore painted his popular piece, “Cotton Picking Time,” for the opening of The Gin in Belton. The piece now hangs at My Giving Tree gallery.
“That was one of my more recent things. I was raised up picking cotton and the whole works, on a farm with cattle. I remember, my mother made me a cotton sack when I was little,” Moore said.  “She made it out of a flour sack, she put a little strap on it. I got started early.”
Moore’s last few paintings can only be found at My Giving Tree in Belton.
“He has pulled out of all the other galleries he was in and now I am the only place that you can find his art,” said Valchar. “He pulled out because he is getting up there in years and he wants to keep it close. I now have all of his work that is still left, of the originals.”
No longer painting on a regular basis, Moore now produces Giclees (pronounced zee-clays), reprints of paintings on canvas.
“Each piece he does has unique brush strokes on each piece and it is signed and numbered. It comes with a certificate,” Valchar said.
For more information about Al Moore and his work visit comanchegapstudio.blogspot.com. Moore’s work can seen at My Giving Tree Gift Shop and Gallery, 121 N. East Street, Suite B in Belton.