Local author signs new novel at Belton Market Days

by / 0 Comments / 129 View / April 5, 2016

By Elizabeth Varville, Correspondent

On the corner of East Central Avenue and South East Street in Belton sits a unique treasure to book lovers of all ages known as McWha Book store.

Owned by book lovers, themselves, the McWhas have provided the City of Belton a place to purchase gently used books at half price. The store’s entrance beckons customers to come in prepared to find their desired masterpiece. The floor-to-ceiling, custom-made shelves decorate the walls with hundreds of books from every genre.

According to mcwhabook.com, the 1997 bookstore’s original location was 603 E. Central Ave. The name of the store was Book Exchange. The owners, Charles and Pilyoung Grisham built the store from the ground up. The Grishams decided to retire after 15 years of great service to the community. The McWhas bought their inventory in 2010 and changed the name of the store to McWha Book Store. The store was moved to its current location due to growth.
Local authors are welcome to promote their books during Belton’s Market Days. For the March market day, author Connie Peck showcased her latest novel “Belt Buckles and Tiaras”. The book engages young, horse-loving readers.

“I have a lot of fun doing book signings here. I meet a lot of new people. I love this little book store. I am very grateful that they sell my books and offer the opportunity for me to do book signings”, said Peck.

The book’s main character, Savannah Conway has it all; wealth, beauty, and the best horses money can buy. She dreams of training her new Quarter Horse, but her mother fears for her safety. Tempers flare when Savannah’s mother pushes her harder and harder to win beauty pageants on the long, hard road to winning Miss Arizona Outstanding Teen and the coveted title of Miss America. When things could not get any worse, Savannah meets dark-haired cowboy, James Stanton. Her mother will tolerate no more. Help comes from the most unlikely place in the world, plain-Jane Annie Beck and her remarkable black pony.

According to Peck’s blog, she was born on an air force base in Tucson, Arizona when there were still only 48 states in the union. Man had not yet ventured into space and barely knew how to fly across the country. Only one out of ten people had a phone in their home. People did not have a television set, but they would listen to a favorite radio show for news or a good story. She has lived in or visited a majority of states in the U.S. and traveled abroad as far as Japan. After raising her children, she obtained a teaching degree. She loves education and reading and she has a strong belief in children.

Peck has written many books to include “The Black Pony”, “The Black Pony Adventures”, “Midnight and The Racehorse”, and “Legend of the Superstition Gold.”