Local church creates heart garden

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By Adam Zachariah Ramirez

According to the website of First Presbyterian Church of Belton, the first religious service held in Belton was a Presbyterian sermon that was delivered by Rev. Levi Tenny.
Tenny then went on to organize a Presbyterian Church in Belton on Oct 21, 1869. It was not until 1964, when the First Presbyterian Church of Belton on Church Street and Greenbriar, was erected, where it still is located.
First Presbyterian Church is home to the oldest congregation in Bell County and is part of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
The church has many mission projects, which include: Helping Hands Ministry, Body of Christ Community Clinic, Project Apple Tree, Meals on Wheel and Presbyterian Children’s Home and Services.
Even though the church is involved with the community, it still continues to try different avenues of community avenues.
Recently the church created a heart garden in the front of the establishment.
As of right now, there is no official name. But three circles around the Oak trees in the front of the building distinguish the garden.
When asked about why it is being referred to as the heart garden and how it came to be Harriet Monsell, Treasurer and member of First Presbyterian Church of Belton, said the following:
“Well, Toby Young does the mowing there and there is a spot under three oak tree with benches. One day, he thought he would spiff it up. So he drew the three trees down on paper and realized they made a heart. He did three circles around the tree and when they interlock they make a heart. So we call it the heart garden, it’s a garden of thankfulness and do not have any names yet. But if people want to put names of people on the stones with the heart they can.”
The stones were just put down, so as of now there are not many names out there, but the congregation is encouraging people to put the names of loved ones down, a halleluiah or even a “Thank you God for…”
“It is just one of the things that we are just doing in our master plan to bring God’s peace to the world,” said Monsell.
It is in an area that is perfect to sit there on a nice quiet day, or just a place for quiet and reflection.
First Presbyterian Church also has a newsletter that is located on their website, which can be accessed by just searching First Presbyterian Church of Belton.
On the newsletters it features many of the different things that the church does. Also on the website is a monthly calendar of events that the congregation puts on.