Local couple adventures with Belton ghosts, wraiths

by / 0 Comments / 278 View / July 2, 2017

By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

On the evening of June 16, a Ghost Wagon Tour was held in the downtown Temple area. The spooky part of the year is in the fall, but Rick and Connie Bell brought this ghost tour to Belton on a warm summer night. This couple has the technology and the research to share the chilling history of Belton. Not only do they have the equipment and the research, but hopefully some ghost will join to tell their tales through the equipment provided.
The evening of the tour began with a song that is suitable for a chilling night such as this one. Mr. Bell played the well-known Ghostbusters theme song and then told the tale of how he and his wife began their ghost hunting adventures. The couple started attending other ghost tours and started to see that there was truth to these ghost trying to communicate to the living.
“I was always a real skeptic. I was a police officer for 10 years and we are the eternal skeptic,” said Mr. Bell.
The enormous amount evidence of life beyond death turned this skeptic into a believer. Mr. Bell continued their origin story with telling of his wife, Connie, and her experience with a ghost at her workplace. She is a dental assistant and at her pace of business they have a ghost that everyone in the office has witnessed.
“We call her Matilda,” said Mrs. Bell.
This ghost has done strange things in the office that cannot be explained by anyone in that workplace. The Bells have had enough experience with ghosts in order for them to start these tours.
On the tour, Mr. Bell has a Rolling Paranormal Laboratory and this laboratory helps the ghost voices speak to the audience as the tour continues through the town. As Bell tells the tale of the town’s history, the Cochran, Blair and Potts voices through the machine ring through the night.
“War,” “drowning” and the name “Stephanie” is heard through this rolling laboratory. Mr. Bell continues to tell the chilling history of downtown Belton all the while the ghost voices are constantly heard to add to a spooky night.
The audience loved this tour and had fun participating in the ghostly activities. One of the activities are for the audience to communicate with ghost by themselves with dowsing rods. Dowsing rods are simple the individual ask simple yes or no questions and the ghost move the rods in for ‘yes’ and out for ‘no’. Jacky Dumas a professor at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, said he spoke to a ghost when handling the dowsing rods.
“She told me her name was Goldie and she was from the 1900s. That was a chilling experience,” said Dumas.
At the end of the tour, the audience had a chance to view the words that the ghost uttered through the rolling laboratory. The tour was definitely a successful nigh time event. The audience enjoyed the scary history of Belton and even had the chance to have ghost encounters themselves. Rick and Connie Bell enjoy spreading these ghostly adventures with the Belton community. They constantly have tours throughout the course of the year and they are excited for anyone to join. So, if you are wanting to have a different night time event, join the Ghost Wagon Tours. For more information please visit their website GhostWagonTours.com.