Local high schools ranked as top schools in nation

by / 0 Comments / 89 View / June 3, 2013

Two local high schools, Belton and Salado, have been recognized and honored as two of the best high schools in the U.S. and Texas.

This survey, conducted by U.S. News and World Report, evaluated 18,790 high schools throughout the country based on a number of criteria. Belton rated number 1,864 nationally and 162nd in Texas. Salado was 1,577th in the national rankings and 144th in Texas. This puts both schools in the top 10 percent of this study.

Belton High is a school of 2,396 students, 169 teachers, and a 14.1 student-teacher ratio. The minority enrollment in Belton is 41 percent with an almost equal division of boys and girls.

Belton has a 96 percent proficiency in reading and a 93 percent proficiency in math with a 31 percent enrollment in Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Salado’s enrollment is 464 with 38 teachers and a 33 percent participation in AP. Their proficiency in math is 96 percent and 99 percent in reading. Salado’s student-teacher ratio in math is 15.8 as it is in their English program too. Approximately 90 percent of Salado’s students go onto additional schooling, many from their Career and Technical Education Programs, which include active enrollment in Agriculture, Family Consumer, and the very popular new specialty, Robotics.

Although the article and rankings were based on academic information, the author of the study, Robert Morse, observed, “A great high school must serve all students well, not just those that are bound for college.”

This premise is echoed in the implementation of strong integrated CTE programs in their districts.

Dr. Kincannon and the Belton School Board have created and all encompassing Career and Technology Department. This, in combination with the college prep curriculum, creates an ideal educational program meeting each student’s needs.

“We are obviously very proud that Belton High was again recognized this year as one of the best schools in the country,” said school board president Randy Pittenger. “It is always exciting to get outside recognition for achievement, and these results help verify that our students are receiving a high quality if instruction and vigor. BHS is an extraordinary place where great things are happening everyday.”

Salado’s Superintendent Michael Novotny attributed their success to not only their programs at the high school level, but also in lower grade levels.

“I am proud of all of our students and staff, not only at the high school level or specific to our high school teachers, but to the preparation our students receive in elementary and middle school,” said Novotny.