Local supply company expands to be a full service business

by / 0 Comments / 158 View / March 26, 2016

By Annie Dockery, Managing Editor

Bourland Landscape Supplies & Outdoor Power Equipment recently expanded to be a one-stop shop for landscaping needs, supplying landscape materials, power equipment with a repair shop, trailors and now, nursery plants to the public and contractors.
Approaching their second anniversary of being in business, Bourland Landscape Supplies & Outdoor Power Equipment has purchased Cooper & Co Nursery.
Trey Bourland, owner of Bourland Supplies & Outdoor Power Equipment said, “Recently, as of November, we purchased Cooper & Co Nursery. Now we’re more of a one- stop shop for the equipment, repairing the equipment, landscape supplies, trailers, and now the nursery. Now, we feel like homeowners and contractors can come and get just about anything they need to maintain their yard or star a project.”
Locally owned and operated by Trey and Lori Bourland, Bourland’s buys and sells an amount of their materials locally.
“We offer very competitive pricing. That is because we deal with a lot of local companies. The products that are sold here, often come from other local small business’ in the area, as far as the materials that we bring in,” Bourland said. “Supporting our small business also helps other small businesses. When you support us you’re helping support the community that you live in.”
The experts at Bourland’s are more than happy to assist and advise homeowners when choosing materials and calculating how much is needed to achieve the look that they are tying to accomplish.
“What some people may not know is that we’re able to help people with their projects, like the homeowners who don’t know where to go. They can come to us with questions and we can help get them through the whole process.” Bourland said. “There are about three of us here who can help someone setup the logistics of getting it to them.”
“The public just needs to come with a general idea or plan of what they are trying to do,” Bourland said.
“We are gearing up for hopefully a big spring,” Bourland said. “We’re excited for the opportunity to be able to fully service our customers with everything to make their yard better and maintain it.”
Bourland’s carries landscape materials, rock, stone, outdoor equipment and has a full service small engine repair shop.
For more information visit them at 1220 N Main street in Belton, www.bourlandlandscape.com or call 254-933-7769.