Local teens aspire to be first UFC brother, sister duo

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Published November 27, 2014

By Jordan Yarbourgh, The Belton Journal

Two Belton teenagers are working toward their goal of being the first brother-sister duo in the UFC.
Alonzo Jordan has been fighting competitively in Texas since he was eligible at the age of 17. Now 19, he is on a six win streak. He has competed in jujitsu for six years and holds gold medals in every organization.
Following not long behind him is his sister, 16-year-old Andrea Jordan. Though she isn’t of age to fight competitively yet, she practices Mixed Martial Arts with her brother. She has been fighting for four years.
“A requirement for the UFC, as a minimum, is 6 straight wins, and a victory or two over a ranked opponent. Alonzo is currently on a 6 fight win streak and undefeated as a pro,” his father, Adoon Jordan said.  “Andrea has been competing against women since she was 14-years-old and fought three pro fighters already, and won against most.”
Adoon decided to put them in fighting at a young age for self-defense purposes. Not long after that, they started training for competitions and after many successes, they realized they wanted more. Now they are reaching for their goal to become the first brother and sister duo in the UFC.
“Hard work and dedication is the only way to be successful,” Alonzo said about wanting to compete in the UFC.
While many people think that being in the UFC is mainly for men, Andrea said “girls are just as tough” and they can do whatever the guys can do.
Alonzo practices and works out for at least eight hours a day at Grappler’s Lair, located in Belton. Sometimes he is at the gym for 10 hours a day and said it’s a lot like having a full time job.
The teens both work out six days a week. Andrea is still attending high school in Belton, so her training isn’t as extensive as Alonzo’s, but she still works out for many hours during the time she has available. Between the two of them, they have more than 100 medals.
Preparations for a fight are pretty similar between the two. They usually know when a fight is coming up a few weeks in advance. This is when the training becomes more intense and there is more cardio added so that 20 pounds is dropped before the fight.
“Both of their roads to the UFC are similar as far as training goes, but, like any job, they have to not only fight, but win. That’s the bottom line, they have to place themselves above their competition, and for now, they have,” Adoon said about his children.
Alonzo is being sponsored by Combat Corner Professional, EJK Boxing, Just Fitness, Texas Auto Traitors, Texas Farm Insurance Bureau, Total Nutrition, Blades Barber Shop and Tham Rab Tai. They are currently in the process of getting Andrea sponsored, which they said is a lot like a job application.
The teens say that a lot of their success comes from self-discipline and their parents are great motivators and supporters.