Lodges join forces for Back to School with God

by / 0 Comments / 116 View / August 20, 2016

By Kierra Pixler

The Nolan Creek Lodge #227 and the Belton Masonic Lodge #166, both from Belton, joined forces to support local school-aged children and hosted their first annual Back to School Bash with God on Saturday at the Harris Community Center.
“I feel like the two lodges came together because in the past we’ve always been separated,” Willie Butler of the Nolan Creek Lodge of Belton said.
When the two lodges came together it showed how much can be accomplished with two groups come together with a common goal for the good of the community.
“In order to do the best for the community, it’s good that we work together and come together,” said Butler. “And we can get a whole lot more done by working together.”
Being in the community and being able to help feels tremendous to Nolan Creek Lodge.
“It was a very historic moment for us,” said Butler.
The Belton Police Department donated the bicycles.
“We both donated the backpacks and school supplies,” said Butler.
This is going to be an annual event. The two lodges are planning to come together to hold an appreciation dinner for the police department in the near future as well.