Longtime Belton High School Cheerleading coach Kaufman retires

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Special to the Journal

On Sunday, May 22, after 20 years, Elayne Kaufman celebrated her retirement as the head coach of Belton High School Cheerleaders. Ms. Kaufman celebrated with former cheerleaders and their parents that spanned the entire 20 year period. Countless stories and great memories were shared by all.
The former cheerleaders enjoyed reliving great memories as they reviewed cheerleading year books that were collected for each year that depicted all of their activities.
For the last nine years, Ms. Kaufman has worked with Assistant Coach Emily Edelhauser in coordinating the cheerleading program. Ms. Edelhauser teaches BIM and AVID at the high school.
Over the 20 years, Ms. Kaufman has stayed in touch with most of her former cheerleaders and has enjoyed seeing some of her former cheerleader’s children starting down the cheerleading path. Ms. Kaufman shared that “each year was like having 15 new daughters that you were really proud of.” To many of the cheerleaders Ms. Kaufman was more than just a sponsor or teacher, she was a sister, a friend, an advisor, supporter and second mother.
Ms. Kaufman said “it takes a lot of work and coordination to make things happen and she could not have done it alone.” Ms. Kaufman stated “over the years we have had countless people who helped to make the cheerleader program a success, including wonderful parents who always offered support, muscles, sweat and encouragement.
“Along with the staff, teachers and management of the entire BISD school system,“ Ms. Kaufman said. “The best part of being a cheerleader coach was to watch these girls try really hard to do a great job and accomplish their lofty goals, and in doing so they became outstanding young ladies of our community.”
The celebration was sponsored by Lisa Elrod, Laura James, Julie Karnes, Tammy Hart, and Elayne’s two daughters Carolyn Jackson and Catherine Kaufman. Both Carolyn and Catherine were cheerleaders at Belton High School.
In Ms. Kaufman’s career she has taught typing, business, computers and remains the AVID coordinator at the high school.
The Belton Cheerleaders are now lead by Ginger Elliott and Emily Edelhauser.