Looking through the glass: Triple Crown Glass and Mirror

by / 0 Comments / 112 View / April 20, 2018

By Kierra Pixler, Managing Editor


Corey McGregor, owner of Triple Crown Glass and Mirror, started up his glass company in 2014. He specializes in heavy shower glass enclosures, commercial storefront, and residential window/glass replacements. He also does custom work on frameless showers, mirrors and glass railings around pools. McGregor has an innovative passion for glass and takes pride in the fact that his business offers a unique spin on the work that they provide.


“I am a passionate person full of energy, with a dedication to my family and business,” McGregor said. “I love to find ways to do ordinary things differently, uniquely and with enthusiasm.”


McGregor said that focusing on trending ideas and making them their own is part of the fun and excitement of the job. Staying up to date on what can help the performance and longevity of glass and windows is also a top priority.
“There are technologies in works of making regular home glass windows actual solar panels (and still be clear like a window) that have the ability to help your homes solar powered by windows.”


They know the best ways to improve energy efficiency in homes with certain products that are long-lasting. Double pane windows are designed to help with the overall insulation of windows and in turn, your home. Much of a homes energy efficiency is related to the type of windows that are installed. Poorly installed windows or windows that have not been replaced in a timely manner often increase the price of a homes energy bill.


“The advantages of installing double pane windows over the single pane is the better insulation factor it provides for your home,” McGregor said. “The more dead air space the windows have, the better they help insulate. This is why the vinyl windows are better than the older aluminum ones (which are good conductors of heat, so in summer time you can actually feel the heat coming off aluminum windows).”


One of the questions that McGregor gets asked often is what a client should do if moisture begins to gather between the layers of double glass windows. Broken seals result in the build-up of condensation between window panes, creating a dirty or foggy appearance on the window.


“When the double pane glass is defected and has a bad seal, air will get inside and start to cause “leaking” or condensation/sweat to build up,” McGregor said. “Eventually, it will look like soap scum on the inside of the window. We can easily come in and just replace the double pane glass and not the whole window at half the cost, most people do not realize this.”


McGregor recommends replacing your windows every 7-10 years, if not sooner due to a broken or defected seal.


“We get service calls year round for replacing windows and glass,” McGregor said. “Of course, living in Texas, the weather is always changing, but you want to have it scheduled when it’s not rainy or cold to help the seal better.”


Along the way, many changes and improvements have occurred within the company, but one thing has always stayed the same: the dedication to providing top of the line customer service, their keen sense of detail and strong values.
“Glass has been around for hundreds of years, so we look to bring ideas and enthusiasm to give the customer what they want in a fun way,” McGregor said.