Loving heart, handmade bracelets help local cancer patient

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Published July 24, 2014

By Sydney Walter, Journal reporter

Bracelets are not just about fashion this summer, as 10-year-old Caleb Marek proved by launching a fundraiser for family friend Sarah Tindell in her battle with cancer. Marek began selling his handmade rubber band bracelets in June with modest goals, and has now surpassed them both financially and in spirit.
“When Caleb heard about the costs of Sarah’s chemotherapy treatments and travel expenses, he felt led to do whatever he could,” said Caleb’s mother, Susie Marek. “We’ve known the Tindells for nearly 11 years, and he was eager to help.”
Sold at $5 apiece, Marek set his first goal at raising $100 to help offset hotel costs for Tindell as she goes to MD Anderson in Houston. As of this week, he has now raised around $400, and orders continue to pour in.
“I plan on making them for another month, so I am hopeful I can reach around $500 in the end,” said Caleb Marek. “I enjoy making the bracelets, and would love to make 200 of them by the end of the summer.”
With the help of social media, word has spread about Marek’s efforts. Tindell herself expressed her thanks, noting that Marek was selfless and creative for his endeavor.
“I wanted to put my talents to use for Sarah, for her family, and for God,” remarked Marek. “Getting thanks from Sarah makes me excited and happy that I did this because it makes her family feel happy as well.”
Marek will be starting fourth grade in the fall, and has already learned intuitive service and community skills.
“We are amazed at what Caleb has done so far,” said Susie Marek. “He has a big heart for Sarah and for anyone in need.”
The bracelets come in three styles, including bridge, swizzle twist, and starbust models. Anyone interested in donating to the cause should contact Susie Marek at susiemarek@aol.com with “Bracelets for Sarah” in the subject line.