Magic Belles hold mattress sale fundraiser

by / 0 Comments / 114 View / September 19, 2017

By Taylor Powell, Correspondent

The Magic Belles are Belton High’s hard-working dance team. They work hard all practically all year long to perfect their craft. On Saturday, Sept. 2, the Magic Belles held an all day mattress fundraiser at Belton High School from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. A high school fundraiser with mattresses may seem unusual, but this has helped raise money for the team for three years. Rachel Hill, the director of the Magic Belles, is proud to hold the fundraiser in order to further the team’s success.
“The fundraiser is used to help us cover contest season fees,” said Hill. “Also, travel expenses such as buses and costumes for the competition. Mostly, the money from this fundraiser will mostly cover the expenses for the national competition.”
Hill is very excited that her girls are having a chance to compete at the national level.


Hurricane Harvey is a tragedy that has impacted areas in Texas and Louisiana. Texans and other regions have gathered together to help the affected communities. Some of the funds from the fundraiser will also go towards the Hurricane Harvey victims.
The mattress fundraiser is not the only one the Magic Belles have to raise funds. They also have other fundraisers throughout the course of the year.
“We have a kids-clinic that we host during football season,” said Hill. “This is when little girls come and they perform with us at half time. We also host a dance competition her at the high school in February. This is when other schools come to Belton High School and there is a contest. then we also do confession stands and sporting events for other means of funds.”
The Magic Belles are a team that works hard for everything they achieve. They were founded in 1994 and were originally a part of the band. They started out small and grew from there through the course of time. Although they still participate in school activities they are now moving on to achieving national status. The mattresses fundraiser is a way for the community to help their local dancing team achieve their national goals. The 3rd annual mattress sale was a success and The Magic Belles only hope to grow more as the year proceeds. For more information please contact (254) 215-2200.