Magic Belles Mattress Sale dream becomes reality

by / 0 Comments / 126 View / August 28, 2015

By Caleb Mynett, The Belton Journal

As many who have attended, or have had kids attend a public high school know, fundraisers are a prominent part of any club’s economic survival. The football team has their coupons, the choir has their poinsettias, and the Magic Belles have their – mattresses? That’s right, this year the Belton Magic Belles and the Magic Belles Booster Club have chosen to avoid the typical or ordinary route of candy, toys, or wrapping paper, but rather sell mattresses to make money for their organization.
“We were at the point where we wanted to try something new, and we decided this spring that we wanted to try a mattress sale this summer,” said Allison Schiller, the Magic Belles Booster Club President.

Schiller admitted that the idea is a bit strange and rather peculiar. She knew some people might raise some eyebrows at the idea of a school club selling mattresses as opposed to the stereotypical fundraiser. A mattress sale, how weird is that? The idea of a mattress sale, however, isn’t as uncommon as one might think. Places all over the Central Texas area have done a mattress sale, thanks to one particular company which specializes in the mattress-as-fundraising business.

“The company is Custom Fundraising Solutions and they’re out of Austin,” said Schiller. “Midway High School has done it, Copperas Cove has done it, Salado has done it, Temple has done it, and lots of other schools around the area have tried their own mattress sale.”

Is the idea typical? No. Is it strange? Yes. The Magic Belles Booster Club understood that much. They had the experience of other surrounding schools to go off of, however, so they knew that a sale like a mattress sale had the ability and potential to be effective. The Boosters have high expectations, and they plan for their money to go a long way in helping out their girls.

“Our goal for the sale is $6000. We plan for the funds to go toward whatever the Magic Belles may need. We’ll buy costumes, we’ll pay for busses, for their National’s trip. Dancing can get expensive,” revealed Schiller.

The goal was missed, as the Magic Belles raised $4365. That sum of money though, will go to keep our Belton High School Magic Belles as great as they’ve always been. The spirits are high, and the Booster Club is ecstatic for how the sale went. With 35 mattresses sold, the sale went rather well for its first ever year.  The Magic Belles First Annual Mattress Sale was effective, and rest assured, the Belles will have plenty of resources for the upcoming year.