The magic of unicorns brings families together

by / 0 Comments / 84 View / February 8, 2018

By Chanel Snapp, Correspondent


That Art Place opened in 2014 by Ben and Michelle Weaver. The studio is family owned and strives to provide joyful art to the community. It is located conveniently off of Lake road and offers a variety of pottery to paint, fused glass projects, custom board art, and many other fun and creative activities for all ages to enjoy.


It recently hosted its first unicorn event for kids of all ages to create magical pieces. The Unicorn Extravaganza hosted its first round of events on Friday evening and wrapped up Sunday afternoon. Both events sold out and brought many families in the community together to enjoy an evening of fun. There were rainbow refreshments which included cupcakes, drinks, and other unicorn themed snacks.




The atmosphere in That Art Place was exciting and bustling with smiling children excited to create their very own work of art. Four areas were set up to choose from which included handmade unicorn stamp notecards, rainbow unicorn bowls, mixed media unicorn canvases, and unicorn sparkle board art. “We wanted to create an event where families can come and work with their kids on different projects. We know everyone loves unicorns and this is the first time we’ve chosen this theme.” Michelle Weaver said. “Each event hosts 30 families and we are excited that both sold out.”


Children laughed and excitedly worked on their projects as parents helped out. That Art Place will be hosting other themed events in the future and the parents are looking forward to them. The events sell out fast so make sure to check the online schedule of That Art Place to make sure you are signed up for the next exciting night to create your very own masterpiece.