Making Magic

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BHS Magic Belles pass on skills  to aspiring young dancers

By Nikki Velarde
The Belton Journal

The Belton High School Magic Belles held the Fall Dance Clinic for kids last Saturday from 1 to 4 for kids in kindergarten to 5th grade. The Belles taught the kids a dance routine that they will be performing during halftime of their home football game Sept. 12.
As the Belles corralled the long line of kids into the gym, their anticipation and excitement grew. For their warmups, they played a game of Simon Says. They also circled up and played a form of Duck-Duck-Goose where one girl would skip around the circle, choose another girl at random, and show her a couple funny dance moves that the chosen girl had to mimic, then it was her turn to skip around the circle.
After warming up and stretching, the Belles began to go step by step through the dance routine for the football game.
During a break from all the dancing, 5th grader Kira Kvammen commented that “you have to be really fast” in order to get the timing of the moves correct. She did however agree that it was a lot of fun.
Another 5th grader, Abby Arder, added that during some of the dance moves where you jump into the air is “like you’re flying”.
Both girls showed excitement about performing at the football game. Kvammen said it was “really cool” that they’d be able to get out there in front of everyone and show the crowd what they learned.
Richard Lloyd, one of the parents watching in on the practice talked about his daughter and how “she [came here] last year and had a great time so she wanted to do it again this year”. He laughed and added, “She’s a repeat customer”.
Corinne Moore, a Magic Belle in the ninth grade, commented that she also came to these dance clinics as a kid. She remembers the fun she always had and that it “inspired [her] to be a Belle”.
Another Belle, 10th grader Alexandria Cage, said that she really enjoys the dance clinic because it’s a way of “giving back to the community”, especially helping out “the little ones”.
In the beginning, there were some who were eager to get up and join in on the activities and dancing, while others were still hesitant and sat and watched. However, by the end, all the girls were up and dancing, laughing and having a great time learning the moves and making new friends.