Martial Arts Academy offers training for ages 5+

by / 0 Comments / 136 View / August 22, 2015

By Lindsay Starr Platt, The Belton Journal

There is a new dojang in Belton, and it has opened its doors with a grand opening on Saturday and is ready to offer classes in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Olympic Style Tae Kwon Do and Self Defense. World Martial Arts Academy is located on East Street and is ready for students and classes have already begun for all ages.

World Martial Arts Academy will enroll students as young as five years old, and also says, “You are never too old to learn martial arts.”

Martial arts have been known to help children and adults with ADD/ADHD learn to focus and control their energy levels.

Matt Wittman is co-owner alongside Terry Stoker. Wittman lives in Temple and is a policeman with the Temple Police Department. Stoker comes from the Dallas area and has been a dojang owner and instructor for more than a decade.
“Coming to Belton is great. It is a growing town, and it is real easy to open a business here,” said Stoker. “Our business neighbor Liela at My Giving Tree has been a great help.”

“World Martial Arts Academy is also ‘Pro Second Amendment’ and would like to offer firearms training in the future,” commented Wittman.

Wittman has been practicing martial arts since he was 12 years old, starting with judo. Wittman trained under Amelio Ybarra in Temple learning Tae Kwon Do and wanted to carry on the traditions the learned with Ybarra when he became a teacher.

“This is your own personal journey when you take martial arts. If it takes you five years to progress, what does it matter? It’s your journey, not anyone else’s. It’s our job to fulfill whatever you want,” said Stoker. “You learn self-discipline and to prioritize your life. You have to keep a positive mind-set.”

World Martial Arts Academy is a member of USAT and AAU, which gives students a chance to be able to compete on a national and international level after joining the organization.

If you think martial arts may be something you would like, stop by their dojang and try a free class and see for yourself. World Martial Arts Academy has prices for individuals and family rates, as well.