Master Gardeners make world greener

by / 0 Comments / 105 View / October 8, 2015

By Caleb Mynatt, The Belton Journal

Saturday mornings in Belton always have something new to offer, week in and week out. From volunteer opportunities, to garage sales, to festivals, you never know what to expect. On Saturday, September 19th, however, Belton hosted a plant sale that was much more than meets the eye. Put on by the Bell County Master Gardeners and hosted at the Bell County Extension Office, the Master Gardeners brought not only plants to sell, but also experience to share and lessons to teach to the Belton community.

“We have various types of plants here. There are vegetables, herbs, grasses, as well as many more, and they’re all perennials,” said Jan George, member of the Bell County Master Gardeners, and organizer of the Fall Plant Sale. “There are also different vendors here selling supplies and teaching people lessons. We have someone here teaching people how to grow worms, as well as someone selling homegrown worms.”

The event featured various types of plants with different shapes, colors, sizes, and functions. Though the plants were very different, they all had two similar characteristics.

“All the plants being sold today are perennials, which means they last for years and years. Annuals only last one season, while perennials keep coming back for many seasons,” said George. “The other thing is that they are low water plants, or dry plants. These plants require very little water, especially if you grow them correctly and use all the helpful tricks. That’s why we have other vendors here too to help teach people about what they do.”

This isn’t the only plant sale that the Bell County Master Gardeners do. While this was their Fall Plant Sale, they have two earlier in the year, around spring and summer time. These plant sales act as fundraisers to help fund this very cool and unique organization.

“The Master Gardeners are a nonprofit organization with the central goal of teaching people to garden and effectively grow low water plants,” said Jan George. “We teach lessons at the senior center, we teach them at Bell County high schools, and everyone seems to love what we do. These plant sales are a good way to raise money to make those things possible.”

The Master Gardeners have been a presence in the community for many years. They are a unique organization in the way that they want to teach people how to be better gardeners, and above all, more efficient and resourceful in the Central Texas climate.

“We want to teach people how to grow low water plants, because that’s what the climate here in Central Texas allows for. Look at the plants outside and how beautiful they are, you don’t need a ton of water to make a plant beautiful,” said George. “We as a nation use too much water, it’s becoming ridiculous and wasteful. At this rate, water will be more expensive than gold ever dreamed of being. We want to help people become the best gardeners they can here in Texas.”

The Bell County Master Gardeners Plant Sale had a great turnout from residents. Playing an integral part in the botanical community of Belton, the human community came out and showed the Master Gardeners support.