May the Cheese food truck confirmed Best Between Buns

by / 0 Comments / 121 View / April 20, 2017

Special to the Journal

On Saturday, April 1, local food truck May the Cheese be with You, competed in the Texas Food Truck Showdown in Waco. Out of five different categories, May the Cheese be with You won the award for “Best Between Buns”. Nearly 40 food trucks from around the state competed, bringing a crowd of about 20,000 people.

Each truck served a specialty sample that was rated by six judges. May the Cheese be with You served up “The Grilled Cheese Trilogy” which included samples of the three most popular sandwiches, “The Cheesebacca,” “The Ham Solo,” and “The 3 Leia Grilled Cheese.” Their food truck attends community and private events, offers catering, and can be found locally at some businesses for lunch.