Mayor declares Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day

by / 0 Comments / 256 View / February 8, 2016

By Lindsay Starr Platt, Correspondent

Tuesday night, Belton City Council approved a resolution authorizing the city manager to execute a development agreement between the City of Belton and J.C. Builders for drainage improvements at the Bell Rosa subdivision.

“Bella Rosa subdivision is located at Loop 121 and South Wall Street. During the heavy rains we received this past June, a drainage issues was discovered on Colette Court. The city worked with the developer of Bella Rosa, J.C. Builders to construct a sump inlet and drainage pipe to Mitchell Branch,” said, Angellia Points, city engineer, interim, public works, City of Belton. “We wanted to share the cost with the developer.”

Dan Kirkley, council member described it as the ultimate partnership between public and private development.

Eagle Scout, Nickolas Duffina did his Eagle Scout project on Kawasaki Disease. Duffina was presented a proclamation declaring January 26, 2016 as Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day from the mayor, Marion Grayson.

“I did this project to raise awareness about the disease, not many people know what Kawasaki Disease is. I did the project to earn my Eagle Scout,” commented Duffina.

Diana Ardlt-Roberts was authorized a façade Improvement Grant to improve the appearance of the building located at 115 North East Street. The once condemned building is to be renovated into a boutique and event venue. Roberts would like to restore and repair the original cast iron façade of the front of the building.

Also on the agenda from Planning and Development was a public hearing to consider a replat for Jimenez Estates. Jimenez Estates wants to subdivide the lot and build two more homes that will have similar design to homes already existing in the neighborhood.

The motion was carried to grant commercial solid waste collection companies to begin collection at 4:00 a.m.. The early time is necessary to allow time for pick-up of waste before it would impede morning traffic patterns.