McDonald’s grand re-opening: new look, same great food!

by / 0 Comments / 359 View / December 31, 2017

By Chanel Sapp, Correspondent


McDonald’s is a popular fast food restaurant that has been around for many years. The first restaurant was opened by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940, and in 1954, Ray Kroc bought the franchise from the brothers. Today, there are 120 countries and territories around the world that serve McDonald’s and 68 million customers are served daily. With such a long history, McDonald’s is keen to keep up with the changing times and update their restaurants accordingly. Restaurants around the globe are being updated to have a more modern feel, provide digital ordering, and attract more customers by using innovative technology.
Belton’s McDonald’s is no exception and is proud to present the updated design to its customers.


The grand opening was held on Saturday, Dec. 16 and provided prizes and entertainment for everyone. The first 100 customers received a free extra value meal for once a month for one year! A few of the fun activities included a magic show by Ronald McDonald, face painting, and the Belton Fire Department gave tours of the fire truck.


“With our remodel you have a whole new lobby…A picture of the courthouse downtown… they redid the outside of the building…and we have new restrooms,” explained Senior Supervisor Carolyn Cosper. There are new digital ordering kiosks that allow customers to order and pay for their food on their own.


“It’s something to get used to but so far the changes are all really good,” Cosper said. One of the notable differences is the indoor playland versus the previously outdoor version. “Being in Texas it’s so hot so now we’re having indoor playlands,” Cosper explained. This will allow for children to play year-round and not have to worry about the weather conditions outside. The overall appearance is warm and comfortable and the upgrades bring a modern feel to the environment. Despite all of the changes, the food has the same delicious taste as before!