Meet the Candidates: Morgan’s Point City Council

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Staff report

Morgan’s Point Resort will hold the general election for City Council during the May 9 election for the purpose of electing one Mayor and five Aldermen.
Three of the current councilmembers have filed for re-election, including Mayor Pro Tem Ric Holmes and council members Fred Ybanez and Dwayne Gosset. Keith Dyer, Brandt Bernstein and Dennis Green have also filed for a seat on the council.

The City Council consists of six members, including the mayor. All positions are “at large” and have a two-year term.
The Belton Journal recently provided each candidate with a questionnaire, which included questions concerning the future of MPR and the candidate’s goals while serving on the council.
Voting for the 2015 election begins with early voting April 27 – May 5. The last day to register to vote is April 9. For more information about the elections, visit or call (254) 933-5817.

Below are each candidates’ answers to the questions posed to them. Brandt Bernstein, Dwayne Gossett and Dennis Green’s questionnaires were not returned by press time.

Keith F. Dyer

I have a passion for public service, and I truly want to make a difference in my community.  I feel that earning a spot on the Morgan’s Point Resort City Council would be a great first step in taking that passion for service further. I look around my neighborhood, and I see things that need to be changed. I see trash blowing around, under-utilized parks, and a lack of community outreach programs that build positive neighborhood relationships.  I’d like to take steps to remedy these problems, and build the sort of community that young professionals with families would want to live in.

One of my biggest concerns is the lack of small business growth in Morgan’s Point Resort.  The city government of Morgan’s Point needs to develop a plan that will entice small business owners to bring their businesses to our little town.  This will bring much-needed spending and job-growth to our area, and will lead Morgan’s Point in economic development over the next few years, which in turn will generate more revenue for the city of Morgan’s Point.  This revenue could see the continued growth of other city-funded programs, like parks, recreational activities, etc.

The only way to improve our city’s growth without taxing the citizens of Morgan’s Point Resort is to appeal to the entreprenuers in the area and have them bring their businesses to the city.  With the increase of local businesse in which our citizens can shop, we would generate more revenue and create an incentive for people in outlying communities to come and shop in Morgan’s Point.  In doing so, we would generate more revenue for future projects.

There are two projects that I am very passionate about that I would propose. The first is a city clean up project. I would like to create a citizen coalition that would meet bi-monthly to pick up litter within our neighborhoods. This could possibly operate like the state program of “Adopt a Highway” in that the citizens of Morgan’s Point would be able to “adopt” certain neighborhoods and be responsible for cleaning up litter in those areas.  I would also like to create a Home of the Month contest, as well as a Most Improved Home of the Month.  Local businesses could donate gift certificates to incentivize home owners to improve the curb appeal of their homes.  I would also like to utilize our parks more for community events that would bring in outside vendors to set up stands to bring in our own citizens, but also citizens from other towns to spend their money here and see how great our little town is.

Morgan’s Point has been ran the same way for years.  It’s time we create some fresh ideas to improve our community by making it more sustainable for years to come.  I can promise the voters that if I am elected, I will pour my heart and soul into creating a community that we can all be proud of.  It won’t be easy, but the best things in life aren’t.  Let’s work together to create the community we all want to live in.

Ric Holmes

I am presently serving as the City’s Mayor Pro Tem.  I am active in the community, including serving as a past board member of the Mary Ruth Briggs Library, and currently as the Charter Organization Representative to the City chartered Boy Scout Troop #118.  We have been steadily improving the infrastructure and atmosphere in the City that makes Morgan’s Point Resort a great place to live.  I want to continue that progress.

Several builders are planning developments in the area. Maintaining and improving city infrastructure, including roads, drainage, and water are a high priority.  Removing dead trees and brush to reduce the threat of fire is an ongoing concern.

Business growth in MPR will naturally occur with the growth of consumers. MPR’s best growth potential is in the voluntary annexation of developments in our extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ). I will encourage builders to request annexation and make the process as easy as possible.

Water is an important issue facing MPR in the next few years. The City is required to store 200 gallons per water meter.  With new developments, additional water storage is a project I will be exploring.  With continuing drought, and limited water supplies, conscious and conservative use of water is essential.  We will have to be prudent to allow for growth and to keep down costs.
I have been a dedicated City Council Member for the past four years, and have acquired extensive knowledge of how the City operates.  I am very budget conscious and strive to do everything possible for the good of the citizens of the City.  I am well acquainted with the local issues and I will try my best to solve any problems.

Fred Ybanez

My first two years (on the council) have been very rewarding.  I have learned much about the operation of the City of Morgan’s Point with attention to the needs of the cities priorities.
The next five years should be in the interest of community and at the same time expanding for our youth’s future.

Become more active in the city’s planning.   Texas Municipal League offers many work conferences for elected officials.  Attending selected work conferences will benefit me to be a better and more effective elected official.

If elected, there are a few projects I would like to see implemented.  Expending the Lake Marina with an addition for more boat slips.  Morgan’s Point Marina has a long waiting list for boat slips; we have the space to add a few more slips, our community is about lake living, recreation and family fun.  I have also supported future planning for sidewalks so families, joggers and youths will be safe from traffic.

If elected I will continue to work for tax payers.  I am retired from education and Military.  I have the time to insure the city manager and City council make the right choices for our community, so residence can work and live in a safe environment.