Missing important member of our family

by / 0 Comments / 600 View / January 19, 2017

On January 18, 2017 at 10:45 AM, one of our family pets got out of the fence and ran away from home. Linkon (pronounced Lincoln) is a male fawn colored Boxer with a white chest. We have not seen him since.
We purchased him two years ago from in front of Taco Bell in Belton, after our then, 5 year-old son and he bonded immediately. We sometimes call Linkon our “Taco Bell dog,” in order to poke fun that we got a Boxer from the fast food establishment rather than the stereotypical Chihuahua. We were not looking for another dog the morning we passed by Taco Bell, but the sign advertising Boxers for sale called to us like a megaphone. We love Boxers and are a sucker for them. We pulled over and all they had left was a little boy. As we spoke to the breeder, our youngest son, Wyatt, had made a new friend. My husband and I watched as the puppy licked Wyatt’s face and as Wyatt laughed at how he ran and fumbled around with his little puppy legs. Since we were not looking for a dog, we told the woman we would think about it and left. Wyatt was not exactly thrilled that we left without taking the dog with us. In consoling him, I told him to pray and ask God for a name for the puppy and if He gives you the right name then we will go back and purchase him. As we drove to our next destination, Wyatt shouted out silly little kid names like “Puppy” and “Scooby,” but I told him to really pray and wait for God to answer.
Finally, Wyatt looked up at me and said, “What about Lincoln Dog?” I asked him to repeat it so I could be sure of what he said. I looked at my husband and said, “We have to go back to get that puppy. Wyatt has the perfect name…Lincoln.” When I was pregnant with Wyatt, one of the names we loved and seriously considered naming him was Lincoln, so we knew that was the perfect name. Wyatt and Linkon’s bond has grown over the past two years. Any given day, we can look out and see Wyatt walking and talking with Linkon as if he is his best friend, and Linkon follows along with him, step-for-step.
Linkon isn’t your average dog. Sure, he has a finely chiseled body of beautiful muscles and a shiny amber colored fur, but his bottom jaw is a little too big and his lower teeth often stick up over his top lip. His tongue is too big for his mouth and sometimes sticks out. This is especially funny when he is sleeping. We all anticipate that any moment he will wake up and blow a raspberry.
He is also the biggest chicken I have ever seen in a dog. We have nicknamed him Linkon-Doo because he does bear some similarities to Scooby-Doo. He will be paralyzed with fear if our cat comes anywhere near him, he is not a fan of car rides and will run from any hint of danger. We find him highly entertaining and completely ridiculous. However, he is also the sweetest dog. He loves to get face-to-face with you and when you start scratching his ears, he will lay his head on your shoulder. This dog gives real life hugs. Perhaps the sweet and genuine love our son has showed him helped mold and shape him into the wonderful pet he is.
He was last seen heading up a dirt road past, the parsonage on 24th Avenue in Belton around 11:00 AM. He is wearing a blue Kong collar. We have searched the neighborhood, posted on all social media sites, provided a picture and our phone number to the animal shelters and animal control, we have passed out fliers and we have prayed and prayed. We think someone may have picked him up or he is gravely injured. However, Wyatt has childlike faith that Linkon will come home. This little boy is worried and will be until we know where he is. Please keep an eye out for him, dead or alive. We would love to grab Linkon up in a hug if he is well, or bury him if he is not. He is more than our pet; he is a part of our family.
We will offer a reward for anyone that can help bring him home to us. If you have any information please call or text the Watson family at (254)624-7601.