Molly White presents legislative update to constituents

by / 0 Comments / 104 View / May 6, 2015

By Patrick Lacombe, The Belton Journal

District 55 Representative Molly White held a Town Hall meeting last Saturday at the Temple Public Library, which was attended by over 30 people.
White spoke about the various bills that are pending in the legislature and briefly touched on a few of her experiences as a first term Legislator.
White mentioned several important topics that were covered in the current session, including a hearing on Sharia Law and HB1648 covering abortions.

“A lot of Women say they felt enormous pressure and were traumatized into having an abortion,” White said.

The bill would limit abortions and give women information about options other than abortion.

White also spoke about the Water Rights Bill.

“If you own your own well, you have certain rights if the water levels are dropping too low,” she said.

Another pending bill deals with Agenda 21. It was introduced by State Sen. Bob Hall,  (SB445) and would prohibit the state, as well as cities and counties, from adopting and developing environmental and developmental policies that infringe or restrict private property rights without due process. Agenda 21 is backed by the U.N.

A bill easing restrictions on Pet Crematories also is being considered.

According to White, “Regulations for vet clinic crematories are a lot more strict than for humans. We’re going to level it out and make it the same.”
A bill giving broader power to Department of Public Safety officers and Texas Army National Guard troops along the U.S.-Mexico border in their long-standing battle with drug cartels and human traffickers.

“Human trafficking is occurring right here in Bell County,” White said. “High school boys seducing high school girls into a relationship then filming them doing things they should not be doing and then blackmailing them and selling them (the girls).”

Monday, Senate Bill 3, which passed 26-4, also increases state criminal penalties for human smuggling and prostitution promotion, as well as requires DPS to investigate the feasibility of helping federal authorities at international border checkpoints.

White then invited questions from the audience. Louie Minor, a candidate for Belton City Council, asked White about House Bill 2555, which she authored. The bill would allow Texas officials to ignore any Federal court rulings relating to the state’s Constitutional ban on same sex marriages.
“We want to protect our state’s rights and sovereignty,” White said when she described the bill.

Minor asked her how a state bill would “allow Texas to ignore a Supreme Court ruling?”

White replied,“States’ rights.”